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Административные YaTQA / Yet another TeamSpeak 3 Query App 3.7.3-beta

"Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

  1. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    3.6 (17 Aug 2016)
    This version was released later than announced for two reasons:
    1. I’m looking for a proper (and cheap, meaning under 1 euro per month) IPv6-enabled host for more testing, because my current host doesn’t offer IPv6 but I want to stick with them for other reasons. I’m currently contacting some hosts for more info. Without this, I cannot make 100% sure that YaTQA’s behavior to file transfers bound on another IP (while competely bount to IPv6) is correct.
    2. I’m not using 3.0.13-b2 (aka 3.0.13-final) yet because of many reports of stability issues. I therefore cannot make sure that YaTQA fully supports 3.0.13b2. I’m using 3.0.13b1 for both, production and testing.
    3. There seem to be more and more high-priority security issues that I want TeamSpeak to fix so I can update the server version adviser to a version with these issues fixed.
    4. TeamSpeak withdrew the release of the IPv6-enabled client version 3.0.20 because of many security issues. Without a proper IPv6 client, testing is not possible.
    • Added support for the official TeamSpeak permission overview exports to permission file editor
      • Note: These files must have been created in “Show names” mode.
      • Note: Non-ANSI characters are not supported by TeamSpeak when creating these files and will therefore show up as question marks in YaTQA. This is not a YaTQA issue.
      • Note: After opening such a file, you will be shown a list so you can choose what part of the file you would like to import, e.g. “Server Groups › Server Admin”.
      • Note: Exporting to this file format is not supported. Clicking “Save” will result in “Save As...”, even if the filename is displayed in the title bar.
    • After implementing IPv6 support three years before TeamSpeak supported it, I found it made sense to add the Flag of Scotland to the resources (named AB for Alba, since all other combinations one could make with “Scotland” are taken).
    • Added support for and
    • Added workaround for a bug that sometimes did not display the correct info pane in Users tab if user repeatedly selected and deselected a tree node (because the selection event did not fire when the selected node had the focus (dotted rectangle))
    • Added chatting with complaint targets and invokers
    • Made mass-permission editing more straight-forward
      • Hid “subgroups/clusters” checkbox when not applicable
      • Disabled “Skip” and “Negated” checkboxes when editing grant permissions
    • Implemented support for mass-editing grant permissions (this feature existed before, but never worked for boolean permissions and was seriously bugged for integer permissions)
    • Prevented users from adding empty custom permissions in permission file editor (YaTQA previously created an empty item and asked the user to edit this, but no event was fired if the text was left empty, so this invalid result could not be handled. Another bug kept users from editing those items.)
    • Added support for
    • Fixed a bug that did not enable buttons for adding people to server group and viewing client channel permissions when selecting an online client
    • Hints for the image-only buttons in permissions and channel group subtabs now also appear next to the mouse pointer
    • Update checker now checks the input for a certain header to make sure it is not an invalid response (e.g. from the site being blocked or not being properly logged into a public WiFi network)
    • The OK button is now disabled when creating a channel until you enter a name.
    • Fixed two bugs that prevented file transfers from working if using IPv6 and connected to a query DNS whose IP is also valid for file transfer
    • Added support for 3.1 [beta]/1471417187
    • Increased time limit to include up to February 2016
    • Updated hinting for outdated server versions from 1461597405 to
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