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Административные YaTQA RUS / Yet another TeamSpeak 3 Query App (Русифицированная версия) 3.8 RUS

Русифицированная версия YaTQA

  1. The_Code

    The_Code Премиум Пользователь

    31 мар 2015
    ●• Обновление перевода/исправление ошибок. •●

    3.8 (21 Aug 2017)

    • Added new client versions
    • Added features to the new user permissions list to select all users, server permissions or channel permissions
    • Internal changes to handling list selections
    • Significantly improved performance of the Ctrl+A shortcut
    • Increased time limit to include up to February 2018
    • Major SSH tunnel rework: Removed requirements for telnet and bash and improved performance.

    3.8-pre (14 Aug 2017)
    • Fixed Blacklist2 menu item not being disabled when there wasn’t one server selected
    • Added feature that displays all users who currently have client or channel client permissions alongside with a list of permissions they have
    • Fixed Blacklist2 not working when connected to an IPv6 address without using a domain name

    3.7.4-beta2 (11 Aug 2017)

    • Added new badges
    • Added feature to download a certain number of log lines (given in iterations of logview command, equivalent to hectolines)
    • Added support for new SSH host keys (YaTQA Pro)
    • Improved error texts in SSH mode (YaTQA Pro)
    • Added copying ts3image and ts3file links
    • In the menu that appears when attempting to change an already set Host Banner and Host Button graphics, the View feature now supports the ts3imageprotocol
    • Added the port of the checked server to the Blacklist2 result message
    Thanks to a fellow user, I could update the Blacklist2 API tunnel to support greylisting. This is a serverside change and needs no update. Please report running servers blacklisted on Blacklist2.

    3.7.4-beta (10 Aug 2017)
    Skipped 3.7.3-final because of beta client release today.
    • Added some more client versions
    • Added preliminary support for Blacklist2 (found in Servers tab context menu)
    • Added support for server nicknames
      • Note: The Blacklist2 feature uses a tunnel server because YaTQA does not support HTTPS whereas the nickname feature does not use a tunnel server, although it does use HTTPS as well. The reason for this is that the query for nicknames is so simple that I can use a Windows function for it, that saves the result in a file (servernickname.txt in your INI’s folder).
    • Added four more client versions

    3.7.3-beta (17 Jun 2017)

    • Added a feature to Users tab to change a user’s channel group in every selected channel (e.g. make that user channel admin)
    • When creating new channels, you can now copy permissions from a channel but not copy (normal) channel properties.
    • When creating a new channel, you can now copy non-default channel group memberships from a channel.
    • Fixed a bug that caused YaTQA to copy channel permissions from the channel selected in the tree rather than the channel selected in the channel creation window
    • When creating new channels, channel names are checked for length and collisions.
    • When creating new channels, empty lines and leading/trailing whitespace characters are now ignored.
    • ––– English development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • Made the BBcode encoder use the names for the following colors, as they are shorter than the corresponding hex color codes: azure, beige, bisque, brown, coral, gold, gray (an encoder only needs to know one of the two spellings), green, indigo, ivory, khaki, linen, maroon, navy, olive, orange, orchid, peru, pink, plum, purple, red, salmon, sienna, silver, snow, tan, teal, tomato, violet, wheat.
    • Moved file list feature to unregistered version
    • Changed update checker link to a another domain because I cannot turn off logging on the webspace used before (I hate logging and wanted to keep that consistent with yat.qa which doesn’t have any logging either)
    • Added Android beta 3.1.3 ( is not available for selection because selecting it would block every other version of TeamSpeak released prior to 2170)
    • Fixed channel creation window not closing on OK
    • ––– German development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • Moved the spawning point of the permission editing popup menu in permission comparison a few pixels, so triple-clicking will open the window to edit the permission
    • Added progress and cancel feature to executing multiple custom commands
    • Added support for downscaling high-res icons
    • Note: SVG support is set to be added at a later time, I still have to think about how to add it. Maybe I won’t even add it.
    • Added 3.1.5 beta versions
    Подробнее об этом обновлении...
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  2. Raimond

    Raimond Премиум Пользователь

    17 мар 2016
    спасибо за перевод. постоянно юзаю
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