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Разные A.C.R.E 2

Advanced Combat Radio Environment

  1. ACRE2 v2.4.1.947

    Requires CBA Version 3.1.0 or later.

    Change Log Summary
    • [New] Korean and updated Czech translations. The status of translations can be seen here - further help is always welcome!
    • [Improvement] ACE3 radio self-interaction will now be hidden if no radios are available.
    • [Improvement] Tweaked the order of left, centre and right spatial configurations in self-interaction. "Set to Left Ear" will now be on the left in radial configuration (or below in list configuration) while "Set to Right Ear" will be on the right (or at the top).
    • [Improvement] Clean-up and prefix fast hash global variables - Note fast hashes use a custom location with invalid draw style which will be logged to RPT, this is known and required.
    • [Optimisation] General clean-up and optimisations through all the code.
    • [Optimisation] Pass functions 'by reference' to BI event handlers (performance improvement).
    • [Optimisation] Don't compile 117F and 152 menus on preStart (possibly fixes rare display issues).
    • [Fix] A race condition where players could sometimes not being able to hear transmissions and direct speech but could communicate through direct speech.
    • [Fix] Previously the acre_api_fnc_setCustomSignalFunc function would error when attempting to reset to the default behaviour in scheduled environment.
    • [Fix] Antenna direction calculation where the rotation speed of the antenna was twice the rotation speed of the unit.
    • [Fix] Prevent acre.log from being created since it was never used (can be safely removed from Arma 3/logs folder).
  2. A.C.R.E2 Release -

    • [New] Localisation of ACRE2's ACE3 Interaction menus, ACRE2's CBA Settings and ACRE2's controls. The status of translations can be seen here - Further help is always welcome!
    • [New] Client side CBA Setting for controlling the volume other spectators are heard at.
    • [New] CBA Settings for - acre_api_fnc_setLossModelScale, acre_api_fnc_setInterference, acre_api_fnc_setFullDuplex, acre_api_fnc_ignoreAntennaDirection, acre_api_fnc_setRevealToAI - Note these API functions will be depecrated in ACRE2 2.7.0. For now they will override the CBA settings if they are called to maintain backwards compatibility. If no API calls are made the CBA Settings will take effect. Using the API functions will log a message to the RPT.
    • [New] API function acre_api_fnc_setCustomSignalFunc for overriding the signal model - http://acre2.idi-systems.com/wiki/frameworks/custom-signal-processing.

    • [Major] Removed desync test as ACRE2 now handles desynced players. Their radios will no longer be garbage collected.
    • [Update] TeamSpeak 3.1 plugin support (TeamSpeak API 21). The auto-copying of the plugins has been updated to handle the new possible paths for the plugins to be installed to.

    • [Optimisation] Significant cleanup and several optimisations throughout ACRE2.
    • [Improvement] Added compiled extensions for 64-bit Arma 3.

    • [Fix] SEM52SL knob position would not update when the channel was changed using acre_api_fnc_setRadioChannel.
    • [Fix] WRP parser no longer runs in main menu.
    • [Fix] Underwater check is now correctly checked for spectators.
    • [Fix] Direct speech range state 'randomly' changing (i.e. people unexpectedly 'whispering', 'shouting', etc.).
    • [Fix] SEM52SL now displays properly for all aspect ratios.
  3. A.C.R.E2 Release -

    [New] SEM52SL radio
    [New] Talking underwater is now disabled. SDV now has intercom. Broadcasting on radio underwater should also work.
    [MAJOR] Removed teamspeak plugin settings page. This is now handled by the CBA settings framework. Your settings will be lost (pre/postmix volume) and you will need to reset these ingame. In the case where the teamspeak plugin is not connected to arma, the settings will be applied the next time the teamspeak plugin connects to the game.
    [Improvement] Radio signal difficulty tweaks now log to RPT
    [Improvement] WRP parser - Added support for 8WVR WRP format (Angel Island). The parser will now recover and assume the map is flat in cases where it can't read parts of the WRP (Takistan Mountains/IFA's Ivachev) - Previously these would cause game crashes. In these cases it is logged to the RPT.
    [Improvement] Massive code/addon clean-up throughout and switched to various CBA frameworks (PFH library/Versioning/Logging/Debugging/preStart compiling)
    [Improvement] 152/117f displays now have a signal indicator on the right side of the display, indicating the strength of an incoming transmission. Also the receiving/transmitting indicator is now functional (top left either 'R' or 'T' is displayed depending on whether you are transmitting or not).
    [Optimization] Master ID Tracker on server now runs only when needed or every 10 seconds (as opposed to every second previously). Also executes faster.
    [Optimization] Removed FPS stutters when a player had a lot of inventory items.
    [Optimization] Don't calculate the signal for the local player's broadcasts.
    [Tweak] Prefix of addons changed to "idi\acre"
    [Tweak] Gear desync hint can now be toggled with CBA setting - default is to hide it.
    [Fix] Applied a fix to the issue where ACRE fails to initialize and you can't hear anyone. This may still happen in rare cases, but this fixes one cause.
    [Fix] 152/117F CLR Button no longer error or can 'brick' the radios
    [Fix] 117F squelch menu no longer loops
    [Fix] SetupMission API function erroring on headless clients
    [Fix] Steam plugin copy script - Doesn't run on HC/Dedicated Server.
    [Fix] ACRE no longer has issues with full/overflown inventories.
    [Fix] Remove Crew intercom from FFV seats.
    [Fix] Steam workshop - No longer block program loading if run without admin privileges
    [FIX] Sound loading should now work properly - Should fix radio sounds not being heard.
    [Fix] Radio ID Tracking - Handling of duplicate radio IDs fixed.
    [Fix] Radios are no longer initialised for units of sideLogic (spectators), this does not effect remote controlled units.
    [Fix] SetRevealToAi API call doesn't error on dedicated clients.
    [Fix] Frequency displayed on the 152/117F should now show the correct amount of digits
    [Fix] setVariable script error introduced in 1.66 when processing direct speech.
  4. A.C.R.E2 Release -

    - [New] Zeus support - you can now use direct speech and the radios of unit you are remotely controlling.
    - [New] ACE Interaction menu - You can now interact with your radios through ACEs self-interaction menu.
    - [Improved] Significant code changes throughout - optimizations made throughout using newer script commands and faster methods.
    - [New] New radio signal model - Uses an extension that realistically calculates multipathing, including phase coherence.
    - [New] Radio interfaces and icons overhauled with new models provided by Hatchet and implemented by JP
    - [New] Keyboard keys for channel up/down keybind on the current active radio. Note this only works for handheld radios and has the same limitations as using the channel knob for that radio.
    - [Fixed] Radio displays now render properly on all aspect ratios (21:9, 5:4 etc).
    - [Improved] Direct speech occlusion - This is the system that makes buildings and objects affect the volume other players are heard at.
    - [Improved] AI reveal now takes in account player current speaking volume
    - [Improved] Vehicle Attenuation (volume at which you hear someone whilst you are inside a vehicle when and they are outside) overhaul no longer uses the insideSoundCoef value but is now based off AttenuationEffectType. It is now dependent on the turret the person is in. This should work well for most things by default. It is customizable and full configuration details - http://gitlab.idi-systems.com/idi-systems/acre2-public/wikis/vehicle-attenuation
    - [Improved] Direct speech volume slider - Now has only 5 states and the default volume has a smaller distance. The visuals of the slider have been improved thanks to dslyecxi.
    - [Fixed] Vehicle intercom works in more cases
    - [New] API function (acre_api_fnc_ignoreAntennaDirection) - This can be used to make the signal simulation model ignore antenna direction -> [true] call acre_api_fnc_ignoreAntennaDirection;
    - [Improved] Difficulty module now has an option to force the simulation model ignore antenna direction.
    - [Fixed] Full duplex mode - Note this needs to be activated via the API or the difficulty settings module.
    - [Fixed] Name channels module - previously was bugged in some cases.
    - [Fixed] Basic Mission Setup module - Fixed the babel setting (Per Side w/ Common)
    - [Fixed] API functions: acre_api_fnc_getMultiPushToTalkAssignment now works in all cases.
    - [Improved] Headless client support. Unnecessary code is no longer run on headless clients and this also fixes rpt spam on headless clients.
    - [Improved] Unmute clients on teamspeak when acre is not connected (on channel switch). This setting can be toggled in the teamspeak plugin settings.
    - [Fixed] Inventory management right clicking on radios can no longer cause issues.
    - [Fixed] HandleMultipleTranmissions zero divisor script error.
    - [Fixed] IDC collision issues from radio dialogs and vanilla dialogs fixed.
    - [Fixed] Warning message for missing antenna texture when opening the mission editor.