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SinusBot SinusBot - Радиобот для teamspeak (Windows) 0.11.0-8e5f1a2

Soundboard переименован в SinusBot!

  1. SinusBot обновился до версии Beta 0.11.0-8e5f1a2 (версия для Windows!!!)

    Перед обновлением обязательно прочитать обзор изменений!
    Обзор изменений:
    Hello all,

    this is the release that some of you probably have been waiting for for a long time. It took more time than I thought to get TS 3.1.5+ compatibility in (that was even a bigger one than 3.1.0+), but this version should run pretty stable with it. This version doesn't support 3.0.x Clients anymore!
    • added 3.1.6+ compatibility
    • TS3 now optional (if you want to use TS3, make sure to select it in the installer)
    • everything else from the prior linux versions
    All other changes can be found in the changelog as usual.
    Thanks to all the testers who spent hours and hours helping me with this release and sent valuable feedback!

    I hope you'll have fun with the new release
  2. SinusBot обновился до версии Beta 0.9.21-217b2fe (версия для Windows!!!)

    Обзор изменений:
    Hey folks,

    this is another Interim-Update to bring the Windows version on par with the Linux version. A lot has been fixed regarding the scripting engine and some connectivity issued. A solution for TS 3.1 as well as some other improvements I've been working on a lot lately will be released soon and announced in here.

    Please also check out all the new awesome scripts on the forums. Currently not all of them are available from inside the bot directly, but I'll try to update that soon as well.

    Changes since 0.9.18:

    • enh(vm): fix the queue/next command
    • enh: improve the audio mixer so that it can handle several streams at the same time (to create ambience sounds for example)
    • enh(vm): adjust the scripting engine so that it can handle multiple streams (everything audio is a stream, not to be mixed up with streaming audio from the internets); docs will follow
    • enh(vm): make .play() to return a unique stream id (was bool)
    • enh(vm): add an optional parameter to stop that will take said unique stream id to only stop a certain audio stream
    • enh(vm): add audio.setStreamVolume(streamId, volume)
    • enh(vm): introduce aliases for streams; whenever starting a new stream using an already existant alias, the old stream will be stopped - aliases can be defined by appending &alias=theAlias to the track://-url
    • enh(vm): add module ws for websocket communication between userdefined pages and the scripting engine
    • enh(discord): improve disconnect/reconnect handling
    • enh(vm): add invoker to channelCreate/Update/Delete events
    • enh(vm): add enqueueYt / enqueueYtdl as commands
    • enh(vm): add setDescription as method for clients
    • enh(vm): add events serverGroupAdded / serverGroupRemoved
    • enh(vm): add .url() to playlist tracks
    • enh(discord): setDescription will now update the "game"
    • enh(vm/ts): add neededTalkPower / deleteDelay / icon to createChannel / updateChannel
    • enh: improve way to transport audio to external processes
    • fix(vm): make codec/codecQuality/maxClients/order work for channel creation
    • fix(vm): make addToServerGroup() accept int / string / serverGroup-object
    • fix(vm): correctly get channel description
    • fix(ts): correctly interpret server bans (also: fix subscription bug)
    • enh: allow %artist% / %album% / %title% in announce string
  3. SinusBot обновился до версии Beta 0.9.18-8499d2c (версия для Windows!!!)

    Обзор изменений:
    This release features many changes / enhancements for the scripting engine and finally also comes with a new auto-update mechanism, so that upcoming releases can be downloaded more bandwidth/server friendly. Once such an update is available, you will be notified about it on the web interface.

    However, this release sadly still doesn't support the new 3.1 TS client. I know that many of you are waiting for that update, but it needs a little more polishing (I'd say that about 75-80% of the work is done by now).

    Thanks again to all who helped out by testing / supporting / motivating me :) Without you, this project would probably have died a long time ago!


    feat(vm): added udp to allowed protocols
    enh: hopefully optimize compatibility with streaming servers
    fix(discord): list channels correctly again
    feat(vm): added clientDeaf / clientUndeaf

    feat(vm): add delete() to channel objects
    feat(vm): new clientIPAddress event added
    enh: store playlist source with the playlist
    enh(vm): add experimental graphics module for banner generation
    enh(vm): make connection information work more reliably (idletime, ip etc.)
    enh(vm): add backend.createChannel() and channel.update()
    feat(vm): add initial channelgroup support
    enh: add new calls to get channels / clients to the http api
    enh(vm): add async support for database calls
    fix(vm): make unsetGlobal() work properly
    fix(vm): increase consistency in function names (especially .ID() => .id()); flag old methods as deprecated
    fix(ts3): interpret channel moves correctly
    fix(ts3): correctly register channel parents
    fix: make avatars work properly on windows
    fix: make servergroups work on first connect of clients for ts3, even if the group is not yet known
    fix: improve getChannels() of the old api
    fix: make the clientNick event actually trigger
    fix: make clientOnlineTime return something useful
    fix: rename event net#end to net#close to match the docs
    fix: add moveChannel(parent, order) again
    fix: remove cpu-usage increase that came with
    fix: documentation...
  4. SinusBot обновился до версии Beta 0.9.16-34aebc2 (версия для Windows!!!)

    Обзор изменений:
    I hope you all had a few days to relax (any maybe still have). I certainly have and finally found some time to get some things done for the bot.

    This release focuses on scripting and brings some new functionality to it - you can for example connect to a mysql database or to other servers via tcp from scripts. It's still not feature-complete but should get the most basic things done.

    Apart from that, some older and rare issues have been fixed. As always, just install the new version into the same directory of the previous version to not loose any data (still, please backup before you do - you never know).

    You can find the documentation for the new scripting engine here.

    Have fun and a healthy start into the new year


    • feat(vm): add "net" module for tcp connections
    • feat(vm): add "db" module to access sqlite / mysql databases
    • feat(vm): add semver to scripts; specify required versions as "engine" in manifests to use
    • feat(vm): add privileges to scripts in config.ini
    • enh: add "edit file" privilege and bind to tag editor
    • enh: add "volume" parameter to tts
    • enh: add more fields to tag editor (genre / track# for now)
    • enh(vm): add duration/genre/trackNumber to track object
    • fix: for ios clients, make the url bbcode work so that urls will be recognized
    • fix: make MaxDownloadSize work again
    • fix: don't limit avatar filesizes too much (let TS handle it)
    • fix: make drag'n'drop move work again