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TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Mac OS 3.1.4

TeamSpeak 3 Клиент для Mac OS X

  1. Client Release 3.1.4 13 Apr 2017

    === Client Release 3.1.4 13 Apr 2017
    + Angle is now the default OpenGL renderer to workaround issues with the latest NVidia driver update.
    + Added new commandline parameter --force-opengl-desktop, which would force the old default renderer
    - Fixes to recently overhauled windows soundbackend
  2. Client Release 3.1.3 23 Mar 2017

    === Client Release 3.1.3 23 Mar 2017
    * ClientQuery plugin is now managed by the online addon system
    - Fix several hotkeys not binding properly
    - Fixed rare crash in Windows Audio backend
    - Fixed rare crash on exit
  3. Client Release 3.1.2 16 Mar 2017

    === Client Release 3.1.2 16 Mar 2017
    + Added new hotkey setting to use this hotkey only in the current server tab.
    * (experimental) added command line arguments to let users with broken gfx
      drivers force using Angle DirectX backend or software rendering:
      --force-opengl-angle --force-opengl-soft
    * Control plugin is now managed by the online addon system
    * Various improvements to Overwolf integration.
    * Minor update to license agreement logic to avoid showing a new license text
      when users are not required to re-accept the license.
    * Windows Audio Session (WASAPI) sound backend improvements.
    * Readded possibility to use ts3server links with token and addbookmark
      parameters, which got lost with sync changes in 3.1. Instead of storing a
      token in the bookmark as pre-3.1, the token is locally stored in a file
      and used the first time a connection is established via the added bookmark.
      Such tokens will not be synchronized via myTeamSpeak.
    - Improved text in error reporter to make more clear what we are going to
    - Updated some permission help texts
    - Fixed incorrect channel password being used on automatic reconnect.
    - Fixed bookmarks manager drag&drop where autoconnect bookmarks lost their
      bold state.
    - Fixed order of autoconnect bookmarks to behave again like in pre-3.1 clients
    - Fixed package installer failing on package.ini files encoded with UTF-8-BOM.
    - TSDNS deprecated dialog is now a message in the server tab.
    - Fixes to sync status display in statusbar.
    - Minor fixes to myTeamSpeak recovery key behaviour, don't allow using a
      recovery key after logging out of myTeamSpeak account.
    - Fixed myTeamSpeak item collision dialog to no longer try to solve a
      collision while the item has already been deleted.
    - Multiple improvements and fixes to new hotkey backend introduced in 3.1.1
    - Minor fixes to file browser introduced with recent filetransfer rewrite.
  4. Client Release 21 Feb 2017

    === Client Release 21 Feb 2017
    ! Fixed possible crash on OS X
  5. Client Release 3.1.1 10 Feb 2017

  6. (API 21)

  7. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Mac OS

    === Client Release 18 Jul 2016
    ! Last release supporting Windows XP.
    * Overwolf rebranding, open Overwolf webpage instead of running the installer.
  8. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент для Mac OS X

    === Client Release 23 Jun 2016
    - Another fix for client freeze on malicious input
  9. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент для Mac OS X

    === Client Release 22 Jun 2016
    - Fixed infinite loop when clicking on malicious channels/clients/server items in the tree
    - Updated polish translation
  10. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент для Mac OS X

    === Client Release 25 Apr 2016
    + Added polish and portugese translations
    + Added support for graylisted servers
    - Fixed possible crash on weird unicode characters