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TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Windows 32-bit 3.1.4

TeamSpeak 3 Клиент для Windows 32-bit

  1. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент для Windows 32-bit

    3.0.19 (01.04.2016 12:48:51) [Build: 1459504131]
    === Client Release 3.0.19 01 Apr 2016
    + Added pre- and postinstall conditions to Updater to allow running custom commands before or after an update. Will be used to install the new Visual Studio 2015 C++ runtime for next release.
    + Added French and Spanish translations
    * OS X client now uses Apple Transport Security instead of OpenSSL
    * Updated Lua runtime in Lua plugin
    * New features window now has an expire timeout to prevent opening outdated news when doing a fresh install.
    - Fixed possible crash on Linux 64-bit when receiving invalid network packages
    - Fixed banners send with "Cache-Control" HTTP resonse header
    - Fixed slow loading banners being shown after disconnecting from server
    - Fixed possible freeze when loading lots of channel images
    - Updated included libpng
    - Updated included openssl
    - Fixed master volume slider not updating properly when using multiple playback profiles
    - Prevent displaying locale images in bbCode IMG tags
    - Don't collect channelid:// URLs in Url catcher
    - Fixed freeze with many images in channel description
    - Fixed ban presets showing invalid preset items
    - Fixed avatar display when uploading a new avatar with different dimensions
    - Fixed external links in About / License
    - Fixed possible Qt crash when downloading from Http sources
    - Removed server IP display in server and client connection info dialogs
    - Removed setup wizard, replaced with a simple dialog to let users enter a default nickname. To be expanded in a future release.
    - Fixes to hotkey events in plugin SDK
  2. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Windows 32-bit

    === Client Release 23 Oct 2015
    ! Further hardened security fix from Remote images are now stored in
      single directory by hash, instead of subfolders.
    + Added external link warning to opening URLs from within URL Catcher
    * Updated include folders in plugin SDK for recent code restructuring
    * On entering an unsubscribed channel, scan all clients for CLIENT_TALK_REQUEST
      and preset that value to avoid getting the notification sound when clicking
      on that client later.
    - Fixed unclickable Download Folder label in Filebrowser dialog.
    - Fixed PTT delay not getting properly saved and restored.
    - Replaced wrong clear filter icon in permissions overview dialog.
  3. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Windows 32-bit

    === Client Release 10 Oct 2015
      ! Hotfix release to fix security vulnerability
  4. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Windows 32-bit

    === Client Release 3.0.17 04 Aug 2015
    + Added automatic crashdump upload, replacing the old manual upload to the forum. In case of a crash, a report tool will show and ask the user if the dump should automatically be uploaded to our servers.
    + Collect and send anonymous statistics about users hardware and operating system to us for internal decisions (which hardware and OS version needs to be supported etc.). Disabled by default, user will be asked by a dialog the first time if he agrees to send the data. Decision can be changed later in Options/Application/Anonymous Statistics. What exactly is being sent is displayed in the client log. If agreed, data is sent once per month. Users on beta channel always send the data.
    + Added multilingual license agreement dialog due to legal requirements.
    + Added multilingual newsticker with support dynamic update periods.
    + Multilingual Windows installer.
    + Iconpacks default_colored_2014 and default_mono_2014 updated. Some icons were overhauled and some new were added.
    + OS X: Added support for GateKeeper Version 2 signatures for OS X 10.9 and above.
    + Added more icon names to settings.ini.
    + Improved support for high resolution Retina displays.
    + Added dialog to restart client after changing iconpack or language.
    + Added taskbar flashing on incoming chat message.
    * Updated Windows C++ runtime to version 120.
    * Updated to Qt 5.4.1
    - Fixed URL capture when emoticon replacement is enabled. The emoticon :/ was replaced inside hyperlinks ([URL]http://[/URL]) and thus ruined the link. Also fixed clientid:// and channelid:// links, which were affected by the same problem.
    - Fixed scaling of various images.
    - Fixed possible crashes related to filetransfer.
    - Changed appearance of poke dialog when client is minimized, hidden or behind a fullscreen application.
    - Fixed crash with rotating users in 3D sound.
    - Fixed possible crash with some bluetooth controllers.
    - Fixed searching server tree for customname and nickname.
    - Fixed sending offline messages to multiple users.
    - Fixed issue with chat partner disconnecting.
    - Fixed special character treatment in TSDNS resolver.
    - Fixed various issues with URL tagging.
    - Reworked UTF 8 conversion backend.
    - Fixed possible crash with invalid texts in virtual server settings dialog.
    - Removed appscanner plugin due to questionable usefulne
  5. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Windows 32-bit 3.0.16

    === Client Release 3.0.16 06 Aug 2014
    + Added two new iconpacks, one as new default. When using the old default
      iconpack, it will be changed to the new default once. Old iconpack is
      still included for people who prefer it.
    + Added new modern theme, but do not set as default automatically.
    * Updated template files to use the new icon syntax.
    * Added plugin_sdk.html to install directory, pointing to the current download
    - Fixed possible issue with control DLL plugin and recent Overwolf release.
  6. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Windows 32-bit

    === Client Release 14 Jul 2014
    - Fixed possible client freeze with url tags.
    - Fixed possible client freeze with huge images.
    - Images (both remote and ts3image) with width or height > 4000 px are now
      refused and no longer displayed in the channel description.
    - Magnet urls are now allowed.
    - Adjustments to TeamSpeak control plugin for better Overwolf compatibility.
  7. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Windows 32-bit 3.0.15

    === Client Release 3.0.15 23 Jun 2014
    + Overhauled update system. General goals are to reduce download size and allow
      the updater to update itself before updating the client.
    + Two-step update ensures that the updater can update itself before updating
      the TeamSpeak client. This way we can deploy changes to the updater more
    + Updater copies itself to temp folder and then runs from there, thus we no
      longer have issues with the updater not being able to update files because they
      are currently used by the system.
    + Added binary patching to the updater for a faster and much smaller download
    + Compressed update files with lzma instead of gzip to further reduce size
    + Added update channel selection to Options dialog (Applications page) to make
      it easier to switch to beta channel. No more update.ini editing required.
    + URLs will now be written into their own database named urls.db. The old urls.dat
      will be converted and deleted. If the converter finds a broken url in the
      urls.dat, the file will be discarded and a clean database will be created.
    * Simplified Updater UI, removed some useless functions (Start/Changelog)
    * Updated bundled Overwolf installer
    * Multiple fixes and improvements to bbCode parser from 3.0.14.
    * Updated openssl to 1.0.1h
    - Removed pluginsdk.zip from installer and updater. It is available again from
      our downloads page (http://teamspeak.com?page=downloads).
    - Removed mirrors.ini, mirrors are no longer being used.
    - Fixed broken date and time displays (bans, temp passwords, messages, logs
      etc). This was an oversight when switching from Qt 4 to 5.
    - Fixed currently typing pen in chat not showing to other users.
    - Fixed delay after applying changes in some pages of the Options dialog,
      especially noticeable in Applications page.
    - Fixed adding bans not working with some Unicode characters in nicknames.
    - Fixed some tooltips which changed with Qt5.
    - Fixed temporary passwords table header which broke with Qt5.
    - Fixed disabling max user spinboxes in channel edit dialog.
    - Fixed icon scaling when loading from folder.
    - Removed icon when moving a spacer.
    - The profile and whisperlist name is now limited to 60 characters.
    - Fixed an icon in filebrowser.
    - Fixed website invitation for OSX.
    - Fixed ts3link if a file or a folder name contains whitespace.
    - Fixed client freeze and lag when loading chat history.
    - Fixed permission table header which broke with Qt5.
    - Fixed package installer which broke with Qt5.
    - Fixed timestamp field in chat. Some digits were interpreted wrong.
    - Fixed package installer. Some addons could not be uncompressed.
    - Fixed quotation marks surrounding news ticker in updater on Linux and OS X
  8. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Windows 32-bit 3.0.14

    === Client Release 3.0.14 14 Mar 2014
    + Updated to Qt 5.2.1. Updated compilers, runtime and third party libraries.
      This includes a multitude of changes to the TeamSpeak client to ensure
      transition from Qt 4 to 5. This is a major update under the hood.
    + Iconpacks can now be provided as a zip file. See gfx/default.zip
      Old folders gfx/default and gfx/countries will be emptied on update.
      Custom iconpacks are still supported. Icons in extracted folders take
      priority over zip archives if both exist.
      Note: Plugin authors have to provide their own icons.
    + The plugin SDK is now distributed as zip archive in pluginsdk.zip. The old
      pluginsdk folder is no longer updated, original files will be automatically
      deleted on update.
    + Added https support, so the client can now load and display remote icons from
      https pages. A https server banner will work after the next server release.
    * Distribute Windows runtime as DLLs in TeamSpeak installation root instead of
      using vcredist package. This is a temporary solution until the updater is
      able to run a downloaded vcredist package post-update if required.
    * Unused Qt 4 libraries will be deleted by the updater when the updater starts
      (so not immediately on first update, as the old updater still requires Qt 4).
    * Memory usage and overall performance optimizations.
    * Plugin API increased to 20. Plugins depending on Qt 4.8 have to be updated.
    * Plugin API: Added isDown parameter to requestHotkeyInputDialog function to
      support PTT key bindings. Note: It's in the pluginsdk.zip now!
    * Prevent client from connecting to ports > 65535.
    * Missing icons will be shown as a blue bordered icon with a number.
    * Inform users when a recording client joins or leaves your channel.
    * Permissions window allows to set b_channel_join_ignore_password for server
      groups, channel groups and clients.
    * "Install Overwolf" checkbox in Windows is now remotely controlled by Overwolf
      server. If down or not reachable, defaults to disabled.
    * Cache animated avatars/banners to lower hard disk access.
    * On Linux the system tray icon is now hidden by default due to incompatibilities
      with Qt and freedesktop tray icon standards. It can be activated in the
    * Privilege key window supports Multi-select for copy to clipboard action.
    * Improved integration with Overwolf for their latest 2014-02-03 release.
    * Moved chat format buttons from mainwindow into the chat input contextmenu.
      These actions will now add bbCode tags to the text instead of using a very
      basic WYSIWYG approach, which is too dependent on Qt CSS formatting risking
      to break on any Qt update.
    * Automatically format *bold* and _underline_ in received chat messages.
    - Fixed joystick/gamepad button count.
    - Fixed renaming profiles.
    - Fixed saving preset messages.
    - Removed "Hide in taskbar" option
    - Removed "Use double click to activate" option, tray icon activation is now
      using the platform standard behavior (double click on Windows, single click
      on other platforms)
    - Fixed an undefined file transfer status when transfer starts.
    - Fixed a possible file transfer crash when transfer starts.
    - Updated emoticons display which can now show more icons at once.
    - Fixed showing a blank main window when minimizing/maximizing the window
    - PTT key in capture profile is only shown from default hotkey profile.
    - Show error message on missing sound files.
    - Fixed possible crash when deleting a profile.
    - Fixed possible animated avatar freeze.
    - Fixed rare crash when increasing identity security level.
    - Fixed client name format in client banned message
    - Fixed wrong notification ID in channel created event
  9. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Windows 32-bit + русификатор

    TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Windows 32-bit Новая версия содержит следующие изменения:
    === Client Release 24 Oct 2013
    + Fixed possible crash in appscanner plugin when receiving invalid data.
    * Ignore "Hide TeamSpeak in Taskbar" option when being started from Overwolf
    while in a fullscreen game, as this may minimize the game.
    * Added Ctrl+W shortcut to close server tab
    * Self menu shortcut key changed from s to e to avoid collision with Settings
    - Appscanner plugin no longer enabled by default.
    - Fixed UI display issue with delete delay in edit channel dialog when
    b_channel_modify_temp_delete_delay is not set.
    Русификатор TeamSpeak 3
    duckke-pro, HellBird, EdoCh и ещё 1-му нравится это.
  10. TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Windows 32-bit 3.0.13 + русификатор

    TeamSpeak 3 Клиент Windows 32-bit 3.0.13. Новая версия содержит следующие изменения:
    === Client Release 3.0.13 1 Oct 2013
    + Added support for channel delay feature in server 3.0.10. This allows to set
    a delay in seconds after which temporary channels will be deleted after the
    last client has left. To configure a virtualserver default, set the delay in
    the virtualserver edit dialog. Or configure per channel in the channel edit
    dialog. Channel templates were adjusted to show the delete delay and a count-
    down until the channel is removed.
    + Added search field in customize toolbar dialog.
    + Added display of filetransfer progress in taskbar (Windows 7 and above).
    * Removed deprecated Direct Input hotkey system, meanwhile replaced by the
    "Default" hotkey system.
    - Fixed assigning hotkey when key was mapped or deactivated via "ScanCode Map".
    - Fixed avatar animation when an animated gif will be set after a jpg.
    - Fix for Overwolf integration, avoid getting back to desktop when TeamSpeak
    is started by Overwolf in-game and immediately a dialog opens.
    Русификатор TeamSpeak 3