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Веб TSN Ranksystem (TeamSpeak Level System) 1.2.2

TSN Ranksystem - TeamSpeak Level System

  1. 1.2.2 (21 Янв 2017)


    * Added support for PHP 7.1
    * Fixed TS3 PHP Framework library for PHP 7.1 support
    + optimized site loading stats/index.php for servericon.png; change from classic image to embedded data
    + optimized site loading for stats/ and webinterfac/ due merging the css and js files
    + added lines for active times on stats/my_stats.php (it can take a day until all clients are calculated)
    + added function avatar delay; delays the download of new avatar files; define the time inside the webinterface - teamspeak
    + added free text filter for ranksystem log on webinterface/bot.php
    + added french translation; many thx to Quentinti
    + added restart after update process; will take effect with versions > 1.2.2
    - fixed wrong stats on exception mode 'reset time'; remove now also the history of the count/idle to build correct stats (stats/my_stats.php)
    - fixed message next up, when user is excepted; with version 1.2.1 was the exception changed and until this the user get only the message (excepted) if he was excepted by the channel. This is wrong, the user should get the message (excepted) on group or client exception and not on the short point of a channel exception.
    - fixed database field for TS3 query port; the field was not unsigned, so there was 32767 as highest value possible (now is the highest value 65535)

    * optimize database structure; increase the database perfomance

    added statistics based on lastseen (clients online 24h, last 7d, last 30d, last 90d)
    added full list for nations, versions and platforms with user count (linked on stats/index.php)
    unset https warning on install.php if an error occurred; to focus the main problem

    fixed syntax error on italian translation

    ! php-zip (package) is needed on the webserver (see requirements)
    ! with new update process this is the last update you need to do manually

    • updated libraries (jquery lib to 3.1.1, fontawesome to 4.7.0, flag-icon-css to 2.8.0, Raphaël JavaScript Vector Library to 2.2.1, bootstrap touchspin to 3.1.2, bootstrap select to 1.11.2)
    • changed handling for the update interval; the update info message will now be sent instant after receiving an update and so long till one use could reached
    • moved libraries to folder 'libs'
    • allow boost factor 0 (no time gets counted) for misused punishing group, which gets removed automatically
    • added automatically update function (more informations on GitHub)
    • added other/phpcommand.php to define a different php command (when you have more then one PHP version on your system); default is 'php'
    • added exception mode; define how to handle the time for excepted (for more take care about the description inside the webinterface)
    • added notify register for channel and server chat; bot commands are now also via channel or server chat possible
    • added dutch translation (initiate already the half); thx to 0x0539
    • redirect webinterface/ respectively webinterface/index.php to TeamSpeak config, if session is already active
    • added check in webinterface on logpath; must end with a slash or backslash
    • added check on startup if files on webspace are writeable (needed for update function)
    • solved list_rankup.php when scrolling the table header column width changed due fixing on top
    • fixed on command "nextup" with mode "active time" a wrong time was given back
  2. Release 1.1.3


  3. Release 1.1.1

  4. TSN Ranksystem (TeamSpeak Level System) 1.1.0

    1.1.0 (2016-08-20)
    ! PHP with version >= 5.5.0 required; If PHP version is to old, the TSN Ranksystem will stops directly after startup and log this into ranksystem.log!
    ! reworked webinterface; its now in bootstrap look like the stats site. To open the webinterface use subfolder "webinterface/" instead of "webinterface.php"
    ! updated bootstrap to version 3.3.7
    + added brute force protection to the webinterface
    + encrypt the password for the webinterface inside the database
    + added function ingore idletime; idle time of an user will be ignored (counted as active time), if it is under a predefined value
    + added possibility to except channel
    + added arabic translation (already a small part); thx to DeStRoYzR
    + added romanian translation (already a small part); thx to SakaLuX
    + performed update function; new version will now stored in database. So update info interval could be now more often then 1800 seconds.
    + added a few syntax checks inside the webinterface, which valid entries of fields like 'rank up definition'
    + added new filter country
    + added new filter lastseen
    + described filter functions on stats/list_rankup.php
    - fixed serverlist report with ip address
  5. TSN Ranksystem (TeamSpeak Level System) 1.0.2

    ! windows support is back (for the webspace); the COM extension for PHP is required (extension=php_com_dotnet.dll -> only Windows!)
    ! check ts3 permission "b_client_remoteaddress_view" is set for query account
    * initiate log level; log entries now have a log category
    + added log rotation; ranksystem.log will be rotate on filesize of 5 MiB
    + added italian translation; many thx to ZanK
    + added filter function on list_rankup.php; filter are usable about the search field (filters are: "filter:excepted:", "filter:nonexcepted:", "filter:online:", "filter:nononline:", "filter:actualgroup:GROUPID:"); documentation on a info box will follow
    + color online users on column "last seen" on list_rankup.php
    + increase perfomance for siteload on stats/index.php, when Ranksystem already longer runs
    + added progress bar for next rankup on my_stats.php
    + the parameter "Idletime" will now be consided on calculation for the rank (i.a. on list_rankup.php?sort=rank)
    - fixed wrong labeling on Top User sites for "active time" / "online time"; depending on the parameter "Idletime"
    - fixed ip were shown on stats/index.php instead of the external address
    - fixed wrong subtraction of online time of already deleted users on "Online time of all user / week" and "Online time of all user / month"; in special cases it could come to minus values
    - fixed wrong info in log for needed file permissions on folders (avatars, icons, logs)
    - fixed wrong update notification after first run with new version
    - fixed ts3 server address on stats/index.php; when ts3 address is localhost and the URL contains "www.", the "www." will be removed out of the showing ts3 address
  6. TSN Ranksystem (TeamSpeak Level System) 1.0.1

    ! changed the way to update the database. Its now part of the "bot.php". So no run of an update-files is needed any more. Please check the ranksystem.log for possible errors!
    + improved needed ressources for smaller server (based on count of TeamSpeak User)
    + added option to choose language on stats sites; default is what has been set about the webinterface
    * in some case the "virtualserver_created" date of teamspeak is zero (perhaps a ts server bug); catch this instead of showing 01/01/1970
    - optimized the restart function; now it should also work with the slowmode "high delay" and doesn't come to multiple parallel running Ranksystem instances
    - fixed error in stats/index.php on line 253; change code to enable support for 5.2.1 or above (before a part of it needs 5.4 or above)
    - fixed progress bar on my_stats.php; percentage value was missed in some case
    - fixed timzone wasn't taken correctly
    - fixed repeatedly download of the servericon
    - fixed servergroup exceptions wasn't consided on Top User sites
  7. TSN Ranksystem (TeamSpeak Level System) 1.00

    ! lost Windows support (for the webspace) at the moment; TeamSpeak server is still supported with Windows!
    ! changed the way the Ranksystem works. The Ranksystem connects now 24/7 to the TeamSpeak server and not each minute again. It get therby more precise, but also needs more ressources (on ressource problems, try to activate the slowmode). The worker.php is now needed to check the Bot is still connect to the server, if not it has the job to restart it. A logfile, what the bot does and also very helpful in error case, you find on "logs/ranksystem.log".
    ! changed the column rank on list_rankup.php; this column show now the real rank and not only a consecutive number
    + added a new site, reachable as subfolder "stats". There are some informations / stats about the TeamSpeak server and the Ranksystem. There is to much to describe all, so perhaps take a look to it
    + added search (filter) function on list_rankup.php
    + added option on list_rankup.php to limit the entries
    + added column actual servergroup in list_rankup.php as option
    + added function "boost"; You can define a servergroup for the ranksystem as boost group. There is also to define how much the boost should count (factor) and how long it should be grant (time). User in the specified servergroup get rated their online time by the factor. The higher the factor, the faster an user reaches the next higher rank. Is the time expired, the boost servergroup get automatically removed from the concerned user.
    - correct error by hiding column next servergroup on list_rankup.php