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Административные YaTQA / Yet another TeamSpeak 3 Query App 3.7.3-beta

"Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

  1. v3.7.3-beta, 17 Jun 2017, 1.3 MiB, supports high-res icons (v3.1.5-beta clients)

    3.7.3-beta (17 Jun 2017)
    • Added a feature to Users tab to change a user’s channel group in every selected channel (e.g. make that user channel admin)
    • When creating new channels, you can now copy permissions from a channel but not copy (normal) channel properties.
    • When creating a new channel, you can now copy non-default channel group memberships from a channel.
    • Fixed a bug that caused YaTQA to copy channel permissions from the channel selected in the tree rather than the channel selected in the channel creation window
    • When creating new channels, channel names are checked for length and collisions.
    • When creating new channels, empty lines and leading/trailing whitespace characters are now ignored.
    • ––– English development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • Made the BBcode encoder use the names for the following colors, as they are shorter than the corresponding hex color codes: azure, beige, bisque, brown, coral, gold, gray (an encoder only needs to know one of the two spellings), green, indigo, ivory, khaki, linen, maroon, navy, olive, orange, orchid, peru, pink, plum, purple, red, salmon, sienna, silver, snow, tan, teal, tomato, violet, wheat.
    • Moved file list feature to unregistered version
    • Changed update checker link to a another domain because I cannot turn off logging on the webspace used before (I hate logging and wanted to keep that consistent with yat.qa which doesn’t have any logging either)
    • Added Android beta 3.1.3 ( is not available for selection because selecting it would block every other version of TeamSpeak released prior to 2170)
    • Fixed channel creation window not closing on OK
    • ––– German development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • Moved the spawning point of the permission editing popup menu in permission comparison a few pixels, so triple-clicking will open the window to edit the permission
    • Added progress and cancel feature to executing multiple custom commands
    • Added support for downscaling high-res icons
    • Note: SVG support is set to be added at a later time, I still have to think about how to add it. Maybe I won’t even add it.
    • Added 3.1.5 beta versions
    3.7.3-beta (17 Jun 2017)
    • –-– internal progress until here –––
    • Doubleclicking ftkey in console query results now downloads the file. Because I want to add that feature for uploads as well, but uploads are more complicated to create (i.e. you need the size of the file), I think I will make these seperate features of the console instead of using the result window.
    • Support for new SSH host keys (YaTQA Pro)
    • General function for memorizing highlighted items and restoring them after a refresh
    • Maybe fix incorrect handling of non-default bitmap header sizes
    • Add icons for moderated and music
    • Maybe change default group icons to Mono/Colored set
    • Possibly move all those icons and badges to the top header bar (that reads “Users”)
    • Maybe make the installer use the path of YaTQA.lnk if present in start menu
    • Hang on Windows shutdown? Need to take a closer look.
  2. 3.7.2 (30 Apr 2017)

  3. v3.7.1, 14 Mar 2017

    Full changelog:
    • Fixed icon selection window being incorrectly sized in the English version
    • Updated badges (removed TeamSpeak’s testing stuff)
    • Fixed incorrect position of “All servers” checkbox on bans tab
    • Made badges support compatible with 3.1.1 and up
    • Made RedeemerTS3 ignore the case of the Overwolf badge
    • All references to the file backup, file list and snapshot manipulation features are now removed if in Freeware mode
    • Fixed the permission overview feature being in the context menu of channel in the server tree
    • Added setting the description of multiple channels at once
    • Changed the button tab order of the BBcode editor to match other windows of that kind
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the console command history from being saved if the application itself was closed
    • Added setting your query client’s badges to the Self menu in instance Misc tab (Overwolf setting also got moved there)
    • Changed the way setting the badges for oneself works again already, as you can set the same badge twice or trice, though limited to a total of 3 badges.
    • Fixed inverting the background of the avatar preview not working properly
    • Fixed two missing translation strings in instance stats tab
    • Added badges you could get for signing up for TS Sync at TeamSpeak’s booths in 2014 (Gamescom and Paris Games Week 2014)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented a different error message and different buttons from appearing if the last or single item of a process caused an error
  4. v3.7 (08 Feb 2017)

  5. 3.7-rc2b (31 Dec 2016)

    Despite being a release candidate, this is an official update. The time limit in 3.5 did not properly run out on August 31th, 2016, so these people must download a new version by January 1st, 2017. I want those people to upgrade to the 3.7 series because of the new IPv6-enabled DNS resolver and all the bug fixes that are included. I want to do some more DNS improvements for 3.7-final, though.

    • Added an option to ignore all errors in chained operations
    • Add client icon
    • Add channel icon
    • Fixed version selection in DNS resolver not being updated in English version
    • Decided to make 1481641346 iOS visible in version selection, though I’m not sure if it’s only an internal release
    • Fixed position of the new script checkbox (affected Pro users with non-default window size only)

    • Fixed brief flashing of other info pane when opening the users tab
    • Changed all comboboxes to a dropdown count of 15, a number that is already used universally in the permission tab for example
    • Changed name of version 3.1-beta5 to 3.1-beta4r2 to match the internal numbering TeamSpeak uses (this has always been marked as only a hotfix in YaTQA, though)
    • Above change for DNS resolver
    • Possibly fixed a rare bug that sometimes caused an access violation when doubleclicking a server in the client cache’s server list
    • Added a hint that you can find information on times with delayed key creation on the website
    • Prevented -c from changing your quick connect server
    • Fixed incorrect official syntax of channeldelete (YaTQA Pro)
    • Fixed a bug that displayed an error after using the “What’s this value?” feature for a parameter-style string (YaTQA Pro)
    • Added support for myTeamSpeak badges (RedeemerTS3 only)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the top bar and caption from updating if serverinfo failed but whoami worked
    • Server groups in Users and User Details tab are now sorted by sort ID.
    • Added option to replace all channels when importing a channel file
    • The quickstart guide that ships with the server implies that serverstart should be synchronous, so we can use a server right after starting it. I haven’t seen a server not being marked online when the list refreshed after starting it.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from selecting groups in many places, e.g. the instance (instance statistics) and server settings (advanced tab)
    • Fixed a bug in the DNS resolver that displayed SRVs resolving directly into IPs as a fail for versions that would actually connect and displayed a warning for versions that wouldn’t
    • Changed links to TS3Index and the IP locating service to HTTPS
      • Note: yat.qa does not use HTTPS because without HTTP Firefox’ location bar just says “yat.qa” which looks cooler to me.
      • Note: Services accessed using YaTQA (update checker, Planet TeamSpeak API) do not use HTTPS because I want people to be able to verify what is being sent to my servers. I think that’s important for software that asks for potentially valuable credentials. Also, implementing HTTPS would require me to ship ssleay32.dll/libeay32.dll with the product.
    • Added displaying of the channel group icon
    • Added displaying of the server group icons
    • Added displaying of badges
    • Fixed “shared IP” feature being disabled when all users were loaded
    • Bade the instance stats tab’s “license” button’s hint clearly state that it’s about the TeamSpeak server rather than YaTQA
    • Fixed a bug that caused recalculating the snapshot hash of snapshots with hashes containing slashes to fail (not enough text removed before hashing)
    • Fixed a bug that caused recalculating the snapshot hash of snapshots that would include slashes to fail (missing escaping)
    • Fixed a bug that caused adding people to server groups to be executed at least twice if the user pressed Enter for this action and the combobox control was in dropdown style
    • Fixed a bug that caused adding people to server groups to be executed repeatedly if the user pressed Enter for this action and confirmed a resulting error message with Enter while the combobox control was in simple/list style (in this style, you can only add a user again if you changed the input, which makes sense anyway)
    • If you have the server icon cached, it is now displayed as the image of the “join” button (it is loaded as soon as you enter either of the two first virtualserver tabs which usually is instant, but for some features that change servers the previous TeamSpeak icon is displayed instead)
    • Added a feature to set all permissions currently displayed (Permissions tab)
    • The filter warning message displayed by that feature (and the “cluster” variant it derives from) is now displayed for the “delete displayed permissions” feature as well, which has consequently been renamed into “delete all permissions”.
    • Add a feature to set all ‘power’ permissions
    • Add a feature to set all existing (already set) ‘power’ permissions
    • Add a feature to delete all ‘power’ permissions
    • Moved some features in the permission tab’s context menu
    • Update hinting for outdated server versions from to (beta=final)
    • Updated client versions to choose from (not quire sure if iOS 1481641346 as well as Android 1474882482 and 1477071110 are public, but I don’t think so and chose to hide them from the list)
    • Changed plain TSDNS lookups to show up as warnings on more recent server versions

    • ––– English development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • Fixed two buttons being default (blue border, so they are activated when pressing enter) in login tab when connected
    • Fixed server group member controls not being aligned right in permissions tab
    • If the window is wide enough, the server group window list now spans the full height. I tried to make this available to non-Pro users, but there is no event that notifies me if the list is small enough.
      • Please note that a workaround is used to add a user when pressing the Enter key, because in simple list mode, this event isn’t fired, at least on Windows 7. If this event is however fired on other versions (1282, database duplicate entry), please report this error!
      • Please als note that this list does not support multiselect. This is a limitation in Windows and cannot be changed.
    • Fixed last “Did you know?” message (regarding IPv6) not showing for registered users
    • Added a feature to show only users with non-unique IPs in User DB
      • Note: You must have these users downloaded.
      • It can be combined with the ban mode.
    • Added a word (“downloaded”) to the label that displays the number of downloaded User DB records to make sure people understand what it is and why it doesn't go away in neither the groups, ban nor unique IP mode
    • Added “All Channels” button to the selection window
    • Improved the DNS lookup simulation’s version selection a lot
      • Note: YaTQA can now simulate all the lookups of every TeamSpeak version from today’s 3.1-beta5 back to the earliest 3.0.0-betas.
      • Note: These versions behave in 10 different ways which is how you select them:
        1. 3.0.0-beta37: Simple DNS (A, CNAME) only and no IDN support.
        2. 3.0.0-rc1: Added TSDNS (which I think did support IDN for the TSDNS queries itself (UTF-8) back then, therefore essentially only working on subdomains of the domain running the TSDNS server).
        3. 3.0.0-rc2 – 3.0.7: Added Punycode support to IDN A lookups.
        4. 3.0.8 – 3.0.16: Added SRV (using an algorithm for IDN that is simply bullshit).
        5. 3.0.17 – Properly converting uppercase characters to lowercase (now works for non-ASCII).
        6. 3.0.20: Completely broke any IDN support for non-TSDNS queries. Added TSDNS tail (0x0A0D0D0D0A), so the server can serve IPv6 results as well as multiple results for redundancy (which is both not supported until 3.1-beta1 it seems). Removed plain (non-SRV) TSDNS. Always looking up only the second-level domain for SRV TSDNS (if there is no second level, there is no SRV TSDNS). IPs are now considered invalid SRV targets. Domains are now considered an invalid TSDNS result. BTW: hosts no longer works.
        7. 3.1-beta1: Added AAAA support.
        8. 3.1-beta2: SRV TSDNS now uses Mozilla’s Public Suffix List for determining what domain to use for the SRV TSDNS lookup. Stuff that’s a public suffix is no longer queried for anything but standard lookups. SRV lookups are not done if connecting to a public suffix (or other top-level name).
        9. 3.1-beta3: Plain TSDNS re-added. Domains used for new plain TSDNS include the domain used for SRV TSDNS as well as up to one subdomain of that domain. TSDNS is now completely case-sensitive. IDN working for A again and working for SRV for the first time. BTW: IPs are still invalid SRV targets.
        10. 3.1-beta4 – 3.1-beta5: TSDNS is now completely case-insensitive again.
    • Added support for new 3.1-beta DNS resolving log format to server history (the feature did work, but did not display the original input)
    • Fixed a bug that stopped adding more servers from a log file to the history list if a was a duplicate of one that was already in the list
    • Improved displaying of IPv6 addresses in server history
      • Note: TeamSpeak 3.0.20 used a format here that is a bit ambigious. Because very few people used this version and it was quickly deprecated because of an important hotfix from the 3.0.19 series, I chose not to make special adjustments just for this version.
    • Fixed IDN not displaying correctly in server history
    • Adjusted duplicate server history entry detection to work with 3.1-beta
      • Note: This...
  6. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    3.6.1 (30 Aug 2016)
    • ––– English development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • Added new SRV TSDNS lookup scheme (superseeded by the next change)
    • Added a combo box to select the version for the DNS lookup simulator (either 3.0.8 or 3.1)
      • Note: This feature will be removed in the final winter release.
    • Fixed a bug that caused a strange message when the blacklist checker received an empty or no answer from the server
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from checking the blacklist for IPs (as opposed to DNSs)
    • The donation-related “Did you know?” tip is no longer more likely the others
    • Added “Did you know?” tip on IPv6
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes (only with Aero?) prevented the length of the server address in the second arrow (above the tab bar) from properly being limited to a certain width, which also was increased by a few pixels (if this causes issues when using Wine, let me know)
    • ––– German development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • SRVs resolving to IPs are now displayed as error rather than warning in v3.1 mode
    • Added connection_connected_time to “What’s this value?”
    • Fixed the download URL always pointing to the German site
    • Completely changed DNS resolver for standard lookups (BIND workaround is now always enabled because three lookups (AAAA/A/CNAME) at once appear to be threated as an A lookup by the default Google servers as well)
    • The SSH tunnel now uses the same IPv6 syntax for switching between IP versions and will force Plink to use that protocol
    • Possibly fixed a rare bug that sometimes caused problems when connecting to some servers via SSH
    • Fixed IDN support for TSDNS (supported only ASCII, but should support UTF-8/CESU-8 with BMP-only)
    • Added support for the new 3.1 tail of a TSDNS request (bytes 10, 13, 13, 13, 10 or 0x0A0D0D0D0A)
    • Updated hinting for outdated server versions from to
    • Added support for 3.1 [beta]/1472203002
    • –-– internal progress until here –––
  7. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    3.6 (17 Aug 2016)
    This version was released later than announced for two reasons:
    1. I’m looking for a proper (and cheap, meaning under 1 euro per month) IPv6-enabled host for more testing, because my current host doesn’t offer IPv6 but I want to stick with them for other reasons. I’m currently contacting some hosts for more info. Without this, I cannot make 100% sure that YaTQA’s behavior to file transfers bound on another IP (while competely bount to IPv6) is correct.
    2. I’m not using 3.0.13-b2 (aka 3.0.13-final) yet because of many reports of stability issues. I therefore cannot make sure that YaTQA fully supports 3.0.13b2. I’m using 3.0.13b1 for both, production and testing.
    3. There seem to be more and more high-priority security issues that I want TeamSpeak to fix so I can update the server version adviser to a version with these issues fixed.
    4. TeamSpeak withdrew the release of the IPv6-enabled client version 3.0.20 because of many security issues. Without a proper IPv6 client, testing is not possible.
    • Added support for the official TeamSpeak permission overview exports to permission file editor
      • Note: These files must have been created in “Show names” mode.
      • Note: Non-ANSI characters are not supported by TeamSpeak when creating these files and will therefore show up as question marks in YaTQA. This is not a YaTQA issue.
      • Note: After opening such a file, you will be shown a list so you can choose what part of the file you would like to import, e.g. “Server Groups › Server Admin”.
      • Note: Exporting to this file format is not supported. Clicking “Save” will result in “Save As...”, even if the filename is displayed in the title bar.
    • After implementing IPv6 support three years before TeamSpeak supported it, I found it made sense to add the Flag of Scotland to the resources (named AB for Alba, since all other combinations one could make with “Scotland” are taken).
    • Added support for and
    • Added workaround for a bug that sometimes did not display the correct info pane in Users tab if user repeatedly selected and deselected a tree node (because the selection event did not fire when the selected node had the focus (dotted rectangle))
    • Added chatting with complaint targets and invokers
    • Made mass-permission editing more straight-forward
      • Hid “subgroups/clusters” checkbox when not applicable
      • Disabled “Skip” and “Negated” checkboxes when editing grant permissions
    • Implemented support for mass-editing grant permissions (this feature existed before, but never worked for boolean permissions and was seriously bugged for integer permissions)
    • Prevented users from adding empty custom permissions in permission file editor (YaTQA previously created an empty item and asked the user to edit this, but no event was fired if the text was left empty, so this invalid result could not be handled. Another bug kept users from editing those items.)
    • Added support for
    • Fixed a bug that did not enable buttons for adding people to server group and viewing client channel permissions when selecting an online client
    • Hints for the image-only buttons in permissions and channel group subtabs now also appear next to the mouse pointer
    • Update checker now checks the input for a certain header to make sure it is not an invalid response (e.g. from the site being blocked or not being properly logged into a public WiFi network)
    • The OK button is now disabled when creating a channel until you enter a name.
    • Fixed two bugs that prevented file transfers from working if using IPv6 and connected to a query DNS whose IP is also valid for file transfer
    • Added support for 3.1 [beta]/1471417187
    • Increased time limit to include up to February 2016
    • Updated hinting for outdated server versions from 1461597405 to
  8. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    3.6-rc1 (19 Jun 2016, unofficial release)
    • ––– English development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • Added selection criteria by size and date to file backup/deletion
      • Note: The Double-Check Selection feature might be a bit ambiguous, so here’s some explanation: This feature implements the logic AND operator. You can use it to add required criteria to an existing selection. So if you want to select all files larger than 10 MiB and (therefore the name: AND) older than a year, set one criteria in Replace Selection (e.g. bigger than 10,240 KiB) mode and then switch to Double-Check Selection for further criteria (e.g. older than 1 month).
      • Note: Natural-language durations (like used here) support month and year for input, but not for output (because smaller units are not divisable).
      • Note: The size criteria is in KiB (also said in the window) and supports floating-point numbers as input.
    • ––– German development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • Updated version info to 3.6
    • Fixed abbreviation for months (was m, just like minute, and is mo now)
    • Added support for 3.0.20/1465542546 (unlike all others, this has a comment saying “[IPv6 beta, win32 only]”)
    • Fixed a bug introduced in 3.6-pre that prevented users from deleting icons
    • Added cumulative log saving
    • First column of permission comparison resizable
    • Moved Clear Permissions menu item in that tab’s context menu a bit up
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the OK button from updating in the Add Permissions window if the list was modified by the context menu selection criteria
    • Some small changes to how the IP is displayed in the Users and User Details tab
      • Changed label from “Country” to “IP”, because Country was too long for IPv6 and it also fits the actual value better.
      • Removed the dash between IP and country for space reasons.
      • IPv6 addresses are displayed as CIDR /64 subnet without link locals.
      • IP range bans ban the actual
    • Added IPv6 support to sorting by IP in User DB tab
    • Made sure IPv6 addresses are properly passed to Flagfox’ geotool
    • The global copy window’s radio buttons now update depending on the checkmarks.
    • Updated the “Made in” place in the about window
  9. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    Note: YaTQA 3.6-pre2 and up will no longer officially support 3.0.12.x! This will not really make much of a difference anyway, but may confuse people using an older server version.
    • Added query parameter changes added in 3.0.12 and 3.0.13 (YaTQA Pro)
    • Added support for IPv6 file transfers to YaTQA (there is query support for this already since 2013)
    • Added IPv6 DNS support (like for IP addresses, IPv6 must be enabled by square brackets, e.g. [::1])
    • Updated address input box hint in the login screen to hint for the notation of IPv6 addresses
    • Made editing IPv6 addresses in the login screen easier
    • Added support for 3.0.13 bindinglist subsystems (note that voice returns the bindings for each running server, which is stored in the servers’ virtualserver_ip, but I don’t know of any way set different IPs per virtual server)
    • Add support for serverside IPv6 (recognizing IP addresses)
    • CIDRs are no longer considered IPs (TeamSpeak 3 does not support CIDR and bans work by wildcards).
    • Made preparations for selection criteria for folder diff window
    • Added support for Android 3.0.23
    • Added theoretical IPv6 support to blacklist check via the notation mentioned above (obviously, no server-side support currently exists)
  10. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    3.6-pre (07 May 2016)

    I just released a preview of 3.6. This is an unofficial release and can be downloaded here. VirusTotal says 1/56 because some Chinese software called "Rising" is being a bitch.

    So what's new?

    Channel Group Member Management (User DB tab)
    There are now options to view channel group members for any channel. Previously, you had to decide for a channel, but now you no longer have to. You can find information about the channel and the channel group the user is member of in the last column.
    All he channel group features now support removing memberships.

    Comparing groups (Permissions tab, Permission Comparison subtab)
    The permission comparison feature is powerful - but you had to add all your groups one by one to compare them. Now you can select multiple groups in order to add them.

    Blacklist Check now Greylist (Home tab)
    I added a feature to query the greylist status of any server.

    Icon Check (Virtual Server Misc tab, Icons subtab)
    Selects uploaded but unused icons on your server and also tells you about used but missing icons.

    File List (Instance Misc tab, YaTQA Pro)
    See all the files on your server and check files and folders for deletition. This window and the file backup window now support previewing images on the server. Image preview has been improved and you can now scroll by dragging and close this window by pressing Esc.
    I will likely be adding selection criteria like “files older than X” to the new file list feature in the next version.

    Full changelog:

    • Improved list performance in client cache
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the join button from properly sending the user into channels with quotation marks (") or sharp signs (#) in their namens
    • Possibly fixed some other rare bugs related to joining channels and especially subchannels
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the feature to find all users with any non-default certain channel group in a channel from working
    • Added a feature to find users with a certain (or any non-default) channel group in any channel (last column is used to display which channel group and channel)
    • Removed default channel group from the list that is used to select a group for channel group search features
    • Added a way to delete people from channel groups in user DB channel group mode (this menu item is only visible while in that mode)
    • Updated minimum client versions to choose from (thanks to ts3index.com)
    • Improved log display performance, especially when filtering
    • Fixed a bug that caused YaTQA to freeze when viewing logs that included a ban message with an ampersand (&)
    • Added multi selection for adding server and channel groups to group comparison
    • There is now an option in the TSDNS resolver to enable a workaround for non-standard behaviour used by bind-based DNS servers (no support for multi-type queries)
    • Improved error messages displayed by the blacklist checker
      • Previously, there was only one error message displayed if the answer was invalid, but it said that there was no answer at all.
      • Now, there are appropriate messages for both cases.
        • The message about an invalid answer now displays the raw result and asks you to report this to the YaTQA support.

    • Changed the icon for the message saying that the server is blacklisted from warning to error (warning now used for greylist).
    • Added support for the greylist feature added in client version
    • Added to client version selection
    • Fixed a text error that caused the "resolve names" feature in the "Find permission" feature to say "editing" instead of "resolving" in the statusbar while doing its job
    • Added a feature to select unused icons
    • Some internal changes to how errors in a loop are handled (it also asks the user to read the statusbar for more information on what failed)
    • The server group window's non-realtime mode now displays a progress and uses the generic loop error handler
    • Fixed a bug in the file backup creation window that allowed users to selected an orphaned folder for deletion when at the same time deciding not to delete all of its content (which then would be deleted anyway)
    • Added file list feature you can use for deleting stuff (YaTQA Pro)
    • Fixed a file download progress graphic glitch introduced in 3.5-pre
    • Updated hinting for outdated server versions from 1457080280 to 1461597405
    • Changed minimum delay between two file transfers from 1 second to 50 milliseconds
    • Added workaround for a bug in TeamSpeak that prevents deleting a lot of files
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from deleting avatars
    • Improved performance when deleting multiple avatars
    • Unified internal processing of string arrays
    • Fixed a bug that could cause some file operations in Users tab to be made available if nothing, incomplete files or – when using a non-standard sorting – the Up icon were selected
    • If you are deleting files in Users tab and selected the Up icon, it will now be unselected instead of resulting in an error message.
    • Image preview is no longer available for multi-selections.
    • Image preview can now be closed by pressing Esc.
    • Image preview (of the remote file) is now available in file backup creation and the new file list window (the other context menu items have been renamed to make clear that the work with the local file).
    • Added scrolling by dragging to image preview
    • Updated copyright year in license
    • Removed duplicate word from license
    • In the installer, changed appearance of the feature descriptions