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Административные YaTQA / Yet another TeamSpeak 3 Query App 3.7.3-beta

"Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

  1. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    3.5b (05 Mar 2016)
    This release fixes some non-serious bugs and was released to prevent some problems in advance. There is not really any point why one would want to download this release when YaTQA is running fine otherwise.

    This will be the last version for some time unless someone comes up with good ideas.
    • Fixed outdated version thingy opening too many download tabs on some computers
    • Fixed a bug introduced in the Winter release that caused YaTQA to hang when disconnecting from same-machine servers via their LAN IP or localhost on some Windows 10 computers
    • Fixed possible memory leak in RedeemerTS3
    • Fixed a bug that sometimes caused an access violation when disconnecting from same-machine servers on some computers
    • Updated hinting for outdated server versions from 1455547898 to 1457080280
  2. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    Because I do not want to include support for versions prior to 3.0.12 in this release, I am not releasing this until TeamSpeak has fixed the serios crash exploits in 3.0.12.
    • YaTQA now ignores unexpected files in the server’s icons folder.
    • YaTQA now ignores unexpected files in the server’s avatars folder.
    • Fixed a bug introduced in v3.0-rc2/v3.0-gamma (06 Nov 2014) that prevented non-serveradmins from using tokens
    • Updated hinting for outdated server versions from 1418654632 to 1455547898
    • If enabled in your server’s bash settings, the telnet will not be added to bash history by using a leading space (YaTQA Pro)
    • Added duration of DNS lookups to help you find issues caused by slow servers
    • Fixed a bug that caused “Copy UID” feature to not be disabled if unavailable
    • Added a new line to the TeamSpeak error messages that tells you how like this error is related to YaTQA:
      • 256, 1537–1543: possibly a YaTQA issue
      • 1024–1536, 1544–1791: most likely not a YaTQA issue
      • All others: Definitely not a YaTQA issue
    • If launching the DNS Resolver in its own process, the connect button is now hidden instead of being disabled
    • Added support for 3.0.19 (as no relevant features were added, this only affects the minimum version dropdown list)
    • Fixed a bug that caused the client cache’s “Copy Message” feature to copy the first column (type of message) instead of the last column (actual message)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the client cache’s log viewer from allowing the user to select multiple lines, despite the features actually supporting it
    • I added some easteregg related to fighting piracy. This change doesn’t make any sense, but the whole GuildWiki.de Wiki Task Force (WTF) pondered an hour about what would be a good easteregg.
    • Increased time limit to include up to August 2016
    • Added changing the nameserver for DNS lookups
    • Updated version info resource
  3. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    • Incorrect progress when deleting clients vom client DB
    • Fix a bug that caused an error message if “What’s this value?” was used on a parameter with an empty value (YaTQA Pro)
    • Added “What’s this value?” support for welcome message BBCode (YaTQA Pro)
    • Changed the way YaTQA looks up the TS3 Client’s directory to better support 64-bit TeamSpeak clients
      • Note: YaTQA did not support 64-bit TeamSpeak clients saving their configuration in their own folder. Using the 64-bit version of TeamSpeak (as well as most other applications) is just a gigantic waste of RAM.
      • Note: YaTQA uses the Uninstall information of TeamSpeak to find the folder. As YaTQA is a 32-bit application, it can only access 32-bit Uninstall information.
      • Note: The key was changed from HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\TeamSpeak 3 Client (which is redirected to HKLM\SOFTWARE\WoW6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\TeamSpeak 3 Client by a 64-bit Windows) to HKCR\ts3server\shell\open\command.
    • Suppressed possible errors while creating the TS3 client’s server history
    • If you click the donate button, there is now a short message with answers to the most common questions.
    • Fixed important server group list bug introduced in 3.5-pre2
  4. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    • Removed query bots bonus feature from the list, as my new job will likely prevent me from being able to offer this
    • Fixed a bug that prevented YaTQA from properly displaying the waiting cursor during operations
    • The delay setting now only takes the difference since the last command into account
    • Command delay setting no longer works for serveradmin
    • Command delay setting no longer works for SSH tunnela as these will connect from and therefore should be whitelisted
    • Removed official support for server versions older than 3.0.12
      • Removed client versions that would be overridden by hardcoded minimum client versions in server 3.0.12 anyway (according to this post)
    • The installer now lists the four most important changes since the last major version instead of random cool features. Originally, these texts were added because the installer contained multiple versions of the software an users should know why. I no longer maintain outdated versions of YaTQA.
    • Added default filename if saving something from the cache explorer
    • Fixed a bug that caused YaTQA to not save the icon cache when you just deleted some icons and no new ones were added
    • Added date/time to avatars in the cache viewer
    • Added searching for users in cache and chats in the cache viewer by UID and name each
    • Added copying the UID in the cache viewer
    • Removed the UID from being copied in the cache viewer’s avatars mode as there is a separate feature now
    • Added client log features to the cache viewer
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the sort settings in the cache viewer from being saved
    • Fixed tab order in settings and channel tree export windows
    • In the servers tab, the “Mach. ID” column is now hidden if you aren’t using any machine IDs, so you can see longer server names.
    • Changed wording of the delay setting to match how the feature works now (only for non-admins and only the user didn’t already wait long enough) and show the recommended value
    • Changed default time of the delay setting from 0 (off) to 350ms (334 plus a bit of margin for unstable ping), as this will no longer affect serveradmin accounts and isn’t too long either
    • Added a feature to the Group Overview tab to select and save all local (normal) groups
    • Removed low flood commands warning for all users except for serveradmin
    • Removed minimum server requirement hint from server groups window
    • Changed the displayed donation email address to one that is easier to read (jn-games.de sometimes became in-games.de) and doesn’t contain dashes (PayPal sometimes refuses these)
      • Note: Only the displayed address has been changed. The address that is used for the link is still the same.
    • Fixed donation link in About window
    • The menu for selecting the log month now supports Windows Themes.
    • Fixed a bug related to searching for client cache search features, causing YaTQA to get confused about what tab (Avatars, Icons, Chats) were enabled
  5. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    • ––– English development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • ––– German development snapshot updated here, see below for download –––
    • Importing group sets now supports importing multiple files at a time
    • Fixed incorrect font size if not running on default Windows font size
    • Fixed incorrect scaling of the minimum server version settings box (YaTQA Pro)
    • Maybe fixed incorrect scaling if using XP unicode improvement feature
    • Updated copyright year
    The program’s version is displayed as 3.5-pre in the program itself and the installer’s file name. However, the release date (14 Dec 2015) is correctly displayed.
    • Enabling ban or groups mode in User DB tab now sorts the table
    • Fixed a new bug related to displaying and changing a server’s autostart status
    • Fixed inconsistency in server group real time editing mode if applying a change didn’t succeed
    • Added cancelling server name lookups
    • Fixed an invalid order bug if moving the first channel’s subchannel below it
    • In the English version, fixed a text clipping bug in the About window
    • Removed the query manual version from the About dialog
  6. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    в основном багфиксы.
    у проекта сменился адрес: yat.qa
    There won’t be a new official version before 2016 because I want to count the downloads of YaTQA 3.4b/c unless there’s something important, and I don’t have the time to release the finished version earlier.

    Nonetheless, this is primarily a bugfix update. The most important new feature is the TeamSpeak Explorer that allows easy browsing in your TeamSpeak settings folder.

    This version was released because TeamSpeak released a beta of server version 3.0.12.
    • Fixed spelling mistake in restore file backup feature (English only)
    • Added display of bandwidth saving from codec latency setting to codec selection window
    • Added displaying the filename of the image to the image preview window’s caption
    • Removed multiple features related to grant permissions that don’t make any sense
      • Note: Back in the days, I added these features because permget calculated a total value for grant permissions. However, this is the only situation any calculations are being done with grant values. Grant values are just to be compared to a client’s i_permission_modify_power to determine if a permission can be modified. Therefore, calculations like the ones done in YaTQA before this update made no sense at all.
    • Removed the grant permissions checkbox from permission overview tab; grant permissions are now edited like on other permission tabs
      • Note: In permission overview mode, grant permissions are only shown if a normal permission exists as well.
      • Note: The find permission feature wasn’t changed, because looking for grant permissions makes sense there.
      • Also see the note above.
    • Fixed a problem from the telnet command (not sure if bug or feature) in SSH tunnel mode that caused UTF-8 codes with 0x9d to be interpreted as a telnet command which is officially 0x1d (not binary safe I think)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented selecting a server virtually via its ID (not via port) to fail
    • Removed error messages if DNS lookup and file indexing are cancelled by the user pressing Esc
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Advanced tab to make all server features available when in template mode
    • Fixed DNS resolver not converting the input to lowercase for TSDNS
    • Fixed DNS resolver not converting the input to lowercase for DNS
    • Fixed DNS resolver not converting the input to lowercase for listing the name of the answering TSDNS server
    • Increased default width of uptime column by 4px (so it supports a 3-digit number of days)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the client cache feature from correctly parsing the UID of a server with default port
    • Added progress display, error handling and cancelling for banning people from the server tree
    • All dropdown lists for group selection now respect sortid (in lists, click the “Order” column twice/trice)
    • Updated URLs to point to YaTQA’s new website
    • YaTQA now updates the list after deleting a grant permission in permission overview mode (further work on the new way the permission overview handles grant permissions).
    • Fixed a bug that prevented copying a child value line’s permission name in permission overview mode
    • Allowed removing grant permissions in permission overview mode (further work on the new way the permission overview handles grant permissions)
    • Fixed minor typo in German version’s bans tab
    • Removed ping sound after copying stuff from a list
    • Added simple multi-line input window for console
    • Added divider to the “Clear Command History” menu item
    • Fixed a bug that broke drag and drop in icon tab
    • Added icon for server status other_instance (arrow pointing right)
    • Fixed a bug that caused icons to be missing in “Icons” tab if downloaded elsewhere after visiting the tab for the first time
    • Fixed a bug that caused icons to be missing in lists after adding some from the collection
    • Self menu: Removed some stuff, add overwolf
    • Fixed dead IP location links
    • Did some preparations for possible changes to the log feature in 3.0.12:
      • The leading space of the message column was removed. This is now supported.
      • The file format was changed from ASCII to UTF-8+BOM. Because the BOM would invalidate the first line, YaTQA now ignores the BOM.
    • Used zopflipng encoder for PNG images and main PNG icon (made the program like 9 KiB smaller)
    • Increased number of datasets in the parser warning by 1 (because it was 1 less before)
    • Completely rewrote of the codec bitrate calculation
    • Completely changed event system to run in its own thread, preventing all kinds of deadlocks
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from using custom ban reasons in the console (YaTQA Pro)
    • Added support for 3.0.12 minimum version virtual server property split for mobile version
    • Added version selection for minimum client versions
      • For desktop versions, this is based on my client logs. Though I do have this data from beta1 on (with some gaps for unknown reasons), I decided to limit it to versions that can connect to Opus servers, which was client version 3.0.10. As Opus was added in server version 3.0.7 and YaTQA does not support servers below 3.0.10, this makes sense to me.
      • For mobile versions, I used wget to download a list of all clients listed on ts3index.com. The HTTP flood with around 2200 GET requests took 3 hours on 19 Nov 2015. Sorry guys. :( You’re just doing an awesome job. <3
    • Added “What’s This Value?” support for new client version properties as well
    • Replaced Client Server Data feature by a new TS3 Client Files feature looking just like the Windows Explorer, which is still in development right now so here’s the development status:
      • General: Progress and cancel feature for initial server name searching, logs and avatar/chat loading.
      • Client Log: Not started and hidden from this preview version.
      • Search Connection History: Complete.
      • Client Server Data: Almost done. Just missing client search features, which were hidden from the preview version.
      • Servers: Complete.
      Anyway, stuff is far enough to fully replace the old feature which has been removed completely.
    • Instead of showing a window asking the user whether he wants to filter the User DB’s channel group search to a certain group, there are now two menu items in the Search menu.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the Cancel button in that feature’s channel selection window from working.
    • Added setting grant permissions in permission overview/find mode even when not set yet
    • Fixed a bug that caused YaTQA to display permission overview/find results when the other one was actually requested
    • Fixed a bug that caused changing b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions in permission overview (and possibly find) mode to display skip and negated value where they weren’t supposed to be
    • Fixed a bug that prevented YaTQA from properly taking b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions into account in permission overview mode (because I forgot to tell the function that determines this value the name of the permission...)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented YaTQA from properly taking updated values for b_client_skip_channelgroup_permissions into account immediately in permission overview mode
    • Fixed a bug that prevented channel groups from being displayed as a permission’s origin in permission overview mode
    • Added official descriptions for permissions (in context menu and when doubleclicking the column with the permission name), which are currently retrieved from the server and therefore always in English
    • Added importing/exporting permissions with channels (please do not try to use files created with this feature enable in older versions of YaTQA)
    • Reduced the time between the time limit message and opening the website for downloading the update
    • Internal changes related to displaying some values in the tabs
  7. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    • Added new flags for the Dutch Carribean: BQ (Carribean Netherlands, not sure about the flag, so I used the Dutch flag), CW (Curaçao), SX (Sint Maarten)
    • Removed flags: AN (Netherlands Antilles, disbanded), FX (European France, code not used in IP geolocation)
    • Fixed a spelling mistake in the Selection window (English only)
    • Added a feature to copy the server UID to the Servers tab
    • Changed “Empty since” to “Empty for” because there’s no space for a two or more digit number of days (English only)
    • Added ellipsis to “Add” button in the server group member management window
    • Removed dash in the complaint list’s last column (English only)
    • Fixed a bug that caused a senseless error message when using the “What is this?” feature on icon IDs
    • Fixed a bug that showed “OK” and “Cancel” buttons (instead of just a single “Close” button) when using the “What is this?” feature on icon IDs
    • Improved wording of several items in the “user DB details” message box
      • Note: A bug in TeamSpeak server bug causes the icon ID to be always 0 in that window
    • Fixed an invalid type conversion when trying to ban someone by direct input
    • Added a feature for multi-server bans
    • You can no longer send pseudo-global messages to offline servers.
    • There was a change in 3.1c which was supposed to make empty records display as failed. However, this only changed for A and CNAME records. It was now changed for SRV as well.
    • Fixed some access violations and “index out of bound” errors in user DB search when not resolving all items
    • Added debug feature to simulate events using the console
    • RedeemerTS3 now waits for events to be handled before creating a new one (this should fix a lot of errors caused by handling events out of order). This might have fixed an important passive tree update bug (YaTQA Pro).
    • Fixed a passive tree update bug caused by viewing the user details (this (and mabye the previous one) should have fixed all issues with the passive tree view update) (YaTQA Pro)
    • Added saving a global ID’s cached avatar image with the correct extension to a file (which is then opened with the associated software) to the client cache feature
    • If no file were found for file backup, YaTQA will now offer the normal snapshot feature for your convenience
  8. "Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

    • Changed domain for PlanetTeamSpeak API calls (YaTQA originally had its own subdomain because it doesn’t use SSL and the normal domain used to force SSL)
    • When selecting a value for virtualserver_hostmessage in the console, you can now use the WYSIWYG editor. (YaTQA Pro)
    • Added support for virtualserver_hostmessage to the “What’s This Value?” feature (YaTQA Pro)
    • Added full SSH support (YaTQA Pro)
      • Note: This feature requires plink.exe to be present in YaTQA’s folder (not the configuration one!). YaTQA will download it for you (requires you to run YaTQA as administrator) or guide you to PuTTY’s website. I decided to not ship it with YaTQA because only a few people will need this feature.
      • Note: To begin using this feature, you need to enable it and set up SSH profiles in the settings. If a profile’s and the server’s domain name match, the configured SSH tunnel is used. The way this is done is targeting ATHPs who sometimes have multiple instances on a server, so they only have to set up SSH tunnelling once per server. Additionally, I don’t want any more input boxes on the start screen and parameters for the -c command.
    • Added note to user graph saying that a timeframe of more than today and yesterday (UTC) requires a registration on PlanetTeamspeak.com
      • Note: There is currently no such registration. However, PlanetTeamspeak’s server and the official test server count as registered.
    • Added changing your meta data to self menu

    • Fixed a bug that caused empty results in SSH tunnel mode to cause one phantom result (with all strings empty and all numbers -1) [superseeded by the next change]
    • Set telnet to character mode instead of line mode, removing the limit of 4095 bytes per command (easily exceeded by restoring snapshots and some mass permission editing functions) and fixing the ambiguity of SSH returning all the input
      • Note: There is still the limit of 9203 bytes (strange number in a computing context) per command from TeamSpeak’s side (which I just got to know on 16 Jul). However, 13 of the 141 commands are allowed to exceed this: serversnapshotdeploy and the addperm/delperm commands. While it is important to have it here, there are more commands where it is very nasty. Especially channeledit/channelcreate. The following functions can be affected: permfind, permoverview, permget and permidgetbyname; ftdeletefile (affected in YaTQA, but rather unlikely) and ftgetfileinfo; clientmove/clientkick (both are affected in YaTQA, but you must be moving more people at once than even an NPL can handle).
    • Major internal changes to RedeemerTS3T
    • SSH now connects to instead of localhost (some servers don’t appear to have this linked and it might also prevent telnet from running in IPv6 mode which is unsupported by the TS server)
    • Added feature to the console’s input box’s context menu that allows you to load a file of commands, edit it and then execute all commands (YaTQA Pro)
    • You can now see if the server whose stats you are viewing is registered on Planet TeamSpeak, allowing 31 days of statistics instead of just today and yesterday
    • Added link to this registration if required (unless the feature is running stand-alone)
    • Clicking the title now takes you to your server’s page on Planet TeamSpeak
    • Added a note to the window caption saying that you can save that chart
    • Updated registration info text to include the features added in 3.2 and 3.3
    • Installing plink.exe from YaTQA’s settings window now requires you to accept its license terms
    • Added joining and leaving all server groups
    • Fixed a bug that prevented changing one’s description via the Self menu from working
    • Fixed a bug that caused the channel kick event to lack the target channel
    • Added missing shortening of the machine ID
    • Global Select All hotkey now works with edit boxes and memos (workaround for a bug that exists for Windows XP only?); the corresponding functionality for WYSIWYG editors is provided by Windows
    • Fixed a bug that caused YaTQA to repeatedly load the icon cache from disk when visiting the virtual server stats tab after having selected the server by port or ID
    • Did some checks before loading sort settings (even though this happened to someone, I have no idea how it did that)
    • Unified some function that selected a server
    • Fixed a bug that caused deploying a snapshot with a file backup to select the created server twice
    • When creating a new server with the snapshot from a file backup, the name is now given in the top bar (because we had to retrieve a server list for creating the server anyway) and in this case YaTQA no longer has to switch the tab to retrieve the server UID.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented editing multiple servers from saving the selection
    • Added server template to mass editing
    • When restoring a channel tree, YaTQA now add the description via an additional command if the channelcreate command would be longer than 9203 bytes
    • Added missing autoresizing of the list view columns in the window for selecting multiple servers and fixed the same feature for the server groups window (they both now work in the same way as it has always been done for mass snapshot creation)
    • Added a feature to add multiple channels at once with an option to keep their settings and permissions
    • Added a feature to move multiple channels at once
    • Fixed a bug introduced with multi channel edit that prevented users from moving channel to the base level
    • Added custom parameters for plink.exe
    • Fixed missing server group names in error messages when assigning server groups via the server group window failed
    • If permission import runs in debug mode and you choose to exit after an error, the displayed information is updated like after a success
    • Replaced the Ignore/Abort buttons for error messages shown during the last (or only) item of most multi-target functions (e.g. deploying snapshots, creating channels) by a OK button and added an explanation (this was especially confusing if you selected only one item and it failed)
    • Made clear in the console's parameter help that the tokenid2 parameter for tokenadd/privilegekeyadd must be 0 for server groups (YaTQA Pro)
    • Improved the handling of the backspace key in console (YaTQA Pro)
    • Fixed a bug that caused some strange error messages when trying to select a value for UID-type parameters in the console caused by YaTQA not using the -uid for clientlist switch to actually retrieve the UIDs (YaTQA Pro)
    • Server tree now treats text without surrounding blanks as identical when renaming channels or yourself
    • Added character/byte limits for most strings input boxes as well as the WYSIWYG editor (because of complex calculation, this is not a hard limit but displayed on the right end of the toolbar if you wait for a fraction of a second for it to recalculate)
      • Note: This also applies to the console as long as the parameters are unique. Some parameters however are ambiguous and will not be limited:
        • name: groups (30 characters) and ban target (255 UTF-8 bytes)
        • msg: pokes (100 characters) and text messages (1024 UTF-8 bytes)
        • message: complaint (200 characters) and offline messages (4096 characters)
    • Increase time limit to include up to February 2016 (if all of the above are included)
    • For renaming stuff in the channel tree and setting a default nickname (but not the phonetic one), YaTQA now removes leading and trailing spaces (including non-breaking space) like the client does
    • Registration window now also removes leading and trailing non-breaking spaces

    This will most likely be the last version for a some months because of personal things and the lack of good feature requests.

    • Added a feature to start browsing the log from a certain position backwards by clicking in the diagramm
    • Fixed a bug that caused the ticks in the diagramm to be placed every 10 KB instead of the 10 KiB mentioned in its hint
    • Changed the text in the “Servers” tab when autostart slots cannot be determined (because not all are currently running) from 3 to only 1 question mark
    • Changed the “Servers” tab’s “in use” statistics’ descriptive labels into images to make more room for numbers of up to 6 digits (hover the icons for explantation of the icons)
    • No numbers are displayed in the “Slots” column now if server is offline (affects “Servers” tab as well as the mass snapshot and server editing windows)
    • Mаde local TS3 Client cache and chats accessible for any server via invitation link with server UID (via the “Home” tab’s left menu)
    • The TSDNS resolver can now be minimized if started from command line.
    • Added feature to change your channel to the “Self” menu (instance “Misc” tab)
    • Changed icon for “Away” in server tree view to one that’s similar to the official client’s one (the channel commander status is now displayed as the color of the clock)
    • Fixed missing translation for: new message when processing one of many items failed, new subtitles of Planet TeamSpeak statistics
    • Changed link in Planet TeamSpeak stats to say “Claim” instead of “Register” (which was a verbal translation from the term that is used in the German version caused by a lack of a good translation for “claim”)
  9. YaTQA 3.2

    Full changelog:
    • As a result of many people failing to enter their registration info correctly, YaTQA now removes additional spaces and other stuff surrounding the actual credentials.
    • Support for BBcode escape sequences was added. Therefore, “\bla” now stays untouched instead of becoming “\bla”. I decided to keep the leading backslash even in WYSIWYG view so you can still use BBcode within the WYSIWYG editor.
    • Fixed an access violation when uploading icons from the collection
    • Added maximum width to the icon list’s first column (on big screens, it was hard to see what information was in the same row and therefore belongs together)
    • Fixed an access violation when deleting icons from the collection
    • Fixed an access violation in passive tree update mode caused by comparing channels to users (YaTQA Pro)
    • For debug, saved nicknames of clients that have left the server while in passive tree update mode are now set to “THIS CLIENT LEFT” (YaTQA Pro)
    • Added (additional?) semaphore for the passive tree update mode (YaTQA Pro)
    • Fixed a bug that prevented newly-joined clients from being sorted appropriately in their default channel in passive tree update mode (YaTQA Pro)
    • Added an option to recalculate a snapshot hash on deployment (YaTQA Pro)
      • Note: This will allow you to deploy modified/hacked/corrupted snapshots.
      • Note: “on deployment” means that the original file is not modified by YaTQA. The fixed snapshot is created in memory.
      • Note: This is of course compatible with the snapshot multiselect feature added in 3.0b.
    • Added an option that allows you to keep a virtual server’s keypair (and server UID the server calculates from it) when deploying a snapshot (YaTQA Pro)
      • Note: This will allow you to copy servers, which would normally cause the well-known “running elsewhere, shutting down” error after a few hours.
      • Note: If no server is selected, a new one is created. YaTQA then creates a temporary snapshot (to get the server’s keypair) and instantly overwrites the server with your snapshot (while keeping the keypair).
      • Note: The latter case is compatible with the snapshot multiselect feature added in 3.0b.
    • Removed a restriction that limited renaming of servers on the server tab (but not in the mass snapshot creation tool) to those that are currently online
    • Added renaming servers in the window that lets you select servers for mass server editing and nearly-global messages (you could already edit the list items before, it just didn’t have any effect)
    • Largely increased the speed when joining a server while having many megabytes of icons loaded
    • Fixed a bug that seems to have caused the “Don’t use icons globally” setting to have far less than the intended effect
    • Slightly reduced memory usage of the icon cache
    • Fixed a bug that prevented icons from appearing in the icon list after being uploaded from the collection of another server
    • Added feature to join a server with your TS client to the “Servers” tab’s context menu
    • If you click the title bar arrows, their content is copied to the clipboard (or in case of the first arrow, it opens the “About” window)
    • Moved the “Edit permissions” entry in the “Users” tab’s context menu to the bottom
    • Editing a channel’s permissions from that menu now moves you to the
    • Added access to the permission overview to the “Users” tab’s context menu
    • Did some internal changes when jumping to someone’s client permissions (“Users” and “User DB” tab)
    • Did some internal performance-related changes when jumping to client or channel details (“Users” tab)
    • The release date now is in its own line on the installer’s start page again (this broke in 3.0 final)
  10. YaTQA 3.1c

    3.1c (17 Apr 2015) was released today. The difference between the version timestamp and today’s date is due to some delays.
    • Changed internal string format from UCS-2 to UTF-16
      • Note: TeamSpeak does not support all characters from UTF-16 but only Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP), so some simplifications were made in the code. However, people managed to get non-BMP character in via their TeamSpeak clients. At least that’s what I think since I was unable to send non-BMP characters to the server via neither UTF-8 nor CESU-8. Snapshots of servers that have these illegal non-BMP characters in strings would be destroyed by TRedeemerTS3A._FromUTF8, which to date only converted UTF-8 to UCS-2LE and CESU-8 to UTF-16LE. The function now converts UTF-8 to UTF-16LE.
    • Improved error message when trying to create a file system snapshot of a server without files
    • Changed the icon of empty DNS results to from warning to error
    • Fixed a bug that caused all bans from the user DB tab to become UID bans
    • Fixed a different bug that caused name bans from the user DB tab to become IP bans
    • Fixed a bug that caused banning by IP or IP range in the user DB tab to try banning people by description instead
    • Changed PNG compressor for 4.5 KiB less file size
    • Fixed a bug that prevented users from banning mulitple CIDRs
    • Fixed a bug that prevented YaTQA from applying the CIDR notation to a given IP
    • Changed IP range bans from CIDR to wildcard notation (because unlike TS2, TS3 doesn’t support CIDR)
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