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Административные YaTQA / Yet another TeamSpeak 3 Query App 3.7.3-beta

"Еще одно TeamSpeak 3 Query Admin приложение"

  1. YaTQA 3.1b

    • Improved loading speed if you have many bookmarks
    • Fixed the DNS resolver always critisizing the use of multiple CNAMEs if any CNAMEs were found
    • Removed maximum width of the last DNS resolver list column
    • Added server status icons to the multi-server edit feature
    • Fixed a bug that prevented YaTQA from logging in after connecting to a non-default server via jump list
    • Removed confusing hint of the permission list when using the Users tab’s mass permission editing feature
    • Added an option to delay command execution (to prevent getting kicked for flooding)
    • Fixed a bug that made snapshot restoration unavailable in the English version (free version would ask you to register, paid version would ask for a channel file backup instead)
    • Checking the “Only certain servers” checkbox for global messages now hides the info on the left, as messages are not anonymous in this mode
    • Changing the new delay setting no longer requires you to reconnect
    kapabac нравится это.
  2. YaTQA v3.0

    YaTQA 3.0 will most likely be the last version for a long time unless you have a good suggestion or TeamSpeak releases a notable update. Right now, everything from the wishlist was implemented.

  3. YaTQA v3.0-rc1

    • Added recording flag to self menu
    • Accessing the console history moves cursor to the end
    • Added note to the registration window saying that it is case-sensitive
    • Notification subscriptions are now kept after closing the console window
    • Added note to the registration window saying where to take name and email from if these are not given in the mail (this sometimes happens if I cannot send an e-mail from my notebook)
    • Permission file loader no longer tries to set b_channel_join_ignore_password if in channel permissions mode.
    • Completely overhauled the client server groups window
    • Added note about that window's limitions (prior to 3.0.6) to the server version window
    • YaTQA now asks you for the filename before asking the server for the snapshot
    • Progress is now always shown before the time-consuming part of each loop
    • Added global Escape hotkey to cancel loops (like it has been in place for downloading all icons since years)
    • Changed all progress texts of loops to say what they are doing (like the mass snapshot one already did) and how to cancel
    • Fixed the alternative-style channel list not being used everywhere
    • Fixed memory leak when updating channel dropdown lists in the permissions tab (this memory leak is super-unlikely)
    • Swapped the middle two icons in instance misc because they made no sense
    • Channel restore added
    • Many internal changes for the server tree
    • You can now rename yourself in server tree
    • If renaming someone or something via the server tree fails, you are now shown the error message
    • Fixed a bug that caused writing to an incorrect position in memory when editing the default channel flag in the server tree, causing MaxFamilyClients to either display incorrect numbers or causing an access violation
    • Reduced leaks in Wine mode
    • Fixed the fix for counting autostart server slots
    • Ghost mode is now available to non-serveradmins
    • Added access to virtual use mode for limited users
    • Added starting and stopping in the virtual server statistics and removed the error message that originally appeared there instead
    • The bottommost three boxes on the virtualserver stats tab are now hidden if the server is running in virtual mode
    • I added note that you must not send messages to my PayPal address. It's for PayPal only.
    • Did some testing about channel_needed_subscribe_power in channel list and channel details and changed the label accordingly
    • The main form's sidebar item and the donation link in the about box now use the same link
    • Removed note from the token list frame, saying that you need a server version newer than October 2012 (because everyone should have one right now)
    • Chat messages in console can now be send with enter (hold shift for new line).
    • Fixed a bug that prevented deleting channels if they weren't on the same layer and had been selected from bottom to top (click the last channel and hold Shift while selecting the first one)
    • You can now connect to DNS resolver results.
    • "Ignore repeats" no longer affects text messages
    • Added "Browse files" button to settings, allowing you to go to the application data folder of YaTQA
    • Fixed some duplicates and other stuff in primarily the English "Did you know?" hints
    • Added global copy/save (Ctrl+Shift+C)
    • Added "Add members to selection" feature to context menu in server tree view if you already have people selected
    • Registration window can now be closed by pressing Esc.
    • YaTQA now ALWAYS tries to "use" servers virtually, because normal "use" causes a strange "server not running" error if the ID was invalid
    • Added highlighting of server status in the virtual server stats tab
    • Added global find feature (Ctrl+Shift+F)
    • Fixed a possible infinite loop when searching in the server tree without permissions for channellist
    • Added file list fullscreen feature, allowing you to easily browse through your channels’ files (this also causes YaTQA to show the file list after selecting a channel)
    • Filter feature hotkey (Ctrl+F) now calls global find feature (Ctrl+Shift+F) if the tab doesn’t have a filter feature
    • Added server status icons to the mass snapshot window
    • Increased default size of the mass snapshot creation window
    • Added context menu for selection management features to the mass snapshot creation window (all, online, invert, none)
    • Mass snapshot creation now works with non-online servers.
    • Fixed some bugs related to virtually online servers when adding stuff to instance log or renaming other servers
    • Added channel selection by certain criteria (permanent flag, seconds empty, name)
    • Added "set all permissions" feature to set all permissions of a group (unset, grant, whatsoever)
    • Moved all remaining non-interface functions in published declartions to public (non-visible optimization change)
    • YaTQA now saves your Sort Settings.
    • Fixed a bug that prevented clicking the columns from being effective for the new server group list.
    • Added IDN support based on a lot of testing (I know this makes no sense at all, but YaTQA’s DNS resolver is only meant to visually show what TS3 does in the background)
      • A: PunycodeEncode(AsciiLowercase(x))
      • SRV: UTF8Encode(AnsiLowercase(UTF8Encode(AsciiLowercase(x))))
      • TSDNS: UTF8Encode(AsciiLowercase(x))
      • Thanks to Barungar for providing the DNS feature testing environment
    • Added IDN support to blacklist checker
    • Added IDN support to YaTQA
    • The file list now highlights previewable images by displaying a picture of a cat on the icon. (It’s the same cat that randomly appears on my English website. I originally wanted to use the squirrel instead, but that’s even harder to see.)
    • Made selecting channels by name case-insensitive
    • Fixed the SRV resource record’s "decidedly unavailable" feature, which never actually worked because of a small mistake in YaTQA and a serious bug in Indy – both of which are now fixed
      • Thanks to Barungar for providing the DNS feature testing environment
    • Fixed a bug that caused an error message when dragging and dropping a bookmark in the empty space at the end of the list
    • Fixed a bug in the user database export window that caused the items of the column list to appear clipped while being dragged
    • When sorting the column one wishes to export form the user database, the checkbox of the target item is no longer unchecked
    • Fixed a bug that caused an error message when dragging and dropping a user database column in the empty space at the end of the list
    • Fixed a very rare and random bug that displayed the server note input box for a fraction of a second during startup
    • Fixed possible access violations when editing channe codecs in server tree (Users tab) caused by incorrect pointer type
    • Changed icon of the message box informing the user that no custom info has been found from error to information
    • Passive server tree update has been added to the Pro version. Please keep the following restrictions in mind:
      • While this feature is active, some channel and client properties are unavailable because they are not sent by the server (this not of course only applies to the Users tab, because no properties are displayed in the popout window anyway).
      • All non-query clients will be shown with the generic dark-blue circle because no client-related notifications but channel switching (including entering and leaving the server) are sent by the server.
      • Changing of server name will only be handled when subscribed to in the console (because this event is neglegible, passive refresh does not subscribe to it).
      • Single-channel subscriptions (a result of clicking "Ignore" in the warning message) are not supported and have limitations (e.g. deleting the subscribed channel’s parent channel will not fire a notification that the subscribed channel has been deleted).
    • Updated registration info text to state...
      • that you must provide your company’s name and country on the ATHP list for free registration
      • how to have your license issued on another name than your PayPal name
      • what bonusses are included with your donation
    • Dragging and dropping clients in the tree retains the original TeamSpeak order
    • There is now a "Permission Comparision" feature that lets you compare the permissions of server groups, clients on the server, channels, channel groups, clients in a channel and client permission overviews.
    • Added a feature to load, save and clear the user-added permissions being compared (there is only one file) (Vista and up)
    • Added a feature to clear permission comparision targets (Vista and up)
    • You can now remove permissions
    • You can now remove targets
    • Icon cache only writes its file if it was changed
    • If you are missing permissions to receive the number of the default server and instance groups and previously (without restarting) were on a server where you got them, YaTQA would hide groups matching the old IDs in some lists where default groups make no sense. This was now fixed.
    • All Columns containing numbers are now aligned to the right
    • Permissions you are already comparing are no longer included in the dropdown list when adding a new permission to comparision – but you can still enter its name to add it again
    • Moved "Set all permissions" to the center of the screen
    • If permission mass editing (importing or multi-set) is done, the list is now refreshed
    • Disabled the question if you want to select all items when copying lists for those without multiselect
  4. YaTQA

    • Made donation adress clickable
    • Added resources for upcoming update feature
    • Adding named links via the rich edit toolbar does now also recognize any link including “://” as a link, not only ones starting with “http://”.
    • Re-added unnamed link to the rich edit toolbar, as links posted by QueryAdmins are not automatically linked
    • The tool does no longer leaves a server when opening the snapshot creation window
    • Added progress counters to snapshot creation
    • Slightly changed some texts in log context menu
    • In the log feature, you can now also copy the log messages of multi-selections.
    • You can now also copy the timestamp and the raw line of a log entry
    • Fixed a lot of potential bugs when an error occurs while renaming servers in the server list
    • After downloading snapshots, your custom nickname is now set
    • Added server renaming feature to the snapshot creation window
    • Added missing hint to the ban list’s refresh button
    • If you are already on the first server to backup, YaTQA does not switch to it
    • Added Cancel button to “no timeout” confirmations for both, snapshot deployment and creation (single mode)
    • Updated version info
    • Make server list sortable during snapshot creation
    • When editing a client’s permissions, users can now sort the lists (which is the same for both) by clicking on the right one’s header. Previously, only the left one could be used.
    • In the same window, descending sorting is no longer bugged.
    • Fixed behavior of multi-snapshot window when no serves are running by displaying an error message instead
  5. YaTQA

    • Offline message composer does no longer incorrectly say it that would only accept UIDs, as it also accepts names
    • You can now send offline messages to database IDs
    • Made channel selector in the Permissions tab a little bit wider, due to the request by a user
    • Unified user finding (e.g. when adding a user to a group) to add support for selecting a user from ambiguous (shared) name search results
    • Changed the “(opt.)” note in the labels on the login screen to “(optional)” as people got this wrong (which is literally not “optimal”).
    • In permission overview, unset permissions now have an arrow facing right instead of bottom-right like the others.
    • In permission overview, integers are now green and booleans yellow. They were both hot pink before.
    • Slot counts are now calculated to reflect D’n’D changes.
    • When setting a new default channel, the property is removed from the former default channel.
    • Fixed a bug that caused the icons in tree view to not be update upon setting a new default channel
    • Fixed wrong version in installer
  6. YaTQA

    • The cursor is now changed to a waiting one during queries, non-threaded file transfers and TSDNS look-ups
    • The left toolbar is now adjusted before frames are created. Because it does not refresh before the frame is loaded, the left toolbar now appears right when the frame does and is no longer delayed until the frames was successfully filled with information. This could also lead to the problem that the toolbar might not be adjusted at all if some non-ignored error occured.
    • Created a new drag cursor that looks like the Windows 7 Aero ones
    • YaTQA will now use the Windows “No” cursor instead of a custom one.
    • Created new permission editor toolbar icons (with alpha channel)
    • Fixed a bug that doubled avatar file transfers
    • Used grayscale compression to recompress several images
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the user info button from being enabled in the permission overview
    • Added F2 hotkeys for the channel/user tree view and file list in the Users tab
    • Fixed a bug that the function creating the dropdown channel lists – althrough requiring a channel list response as a parameter – queried the server itself again
    • Added option improved channel dropdown menus when running Windows 7
    • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect indent in the channel dropdown menu when the last subchannel had a subchannel
    • Fixed a bug that caused the Local Time and Frame Refresh settings to not take effect until restart (and be reset if one attempts to change the settings again without restart)
    • Added a delay of 1 millisecond to the server group window, so the header width now actually auto-resizes right after startup (during startup, the window isn’t visible yet, so the auto-resize feature doesn’t work)
    • If you do not have a token selected, the Use feature will now work but ask for a token. I tried to add this feature for global use, but even Query Group tokens cannot be used globally, not even by global accounts like serveradmin.
    • Fixed a bug that prevent users from changing the server groups in the client details
    • After changing the server groups in the client details, the page is refreshed
    • Added support for X PixMaps (only XPM1 is supported by TS, so does YaTQA)
    • XPM2 is no longer recognized as a valid file format
    • Changed the icon replace warning to say that clients will have old versions cached
    • Ampersands are now escaped in the top bar, as non-escaped ampersands will cause the next character to be underlined
    • Checked complete English translation and made some minor changes
    • Broadened the start screen, so you get more information on your bookmarks
    • Added a new “Did You Know” box, answering frequently asked non-basic questions
    • Added rename hotkey to the server list and the bookmark list
    • Fixed a bug that prevented the graphics loader from raising errors that could be handled
    • Added rename hotkey to the server group window
    • Bookmark list columns now autoresize after adding bookmarks
    • Fixed a bug that prevented ampersands from being escaped (and therefore underlined) in non-shortened (single-line) texts
    • Suppressed error when disconnecting
    • Forced refresh for users tab
    • Changed labels for online users to say “Online since” instead of “Last visit”
    • Added PayPal donation info to About dialog
    • Color resolving is now case-independent for BBcode and XPM
    • Added preview feature for images stored in channels
    • This new preview feature is now the default action for doubleclicks on suitable files
    • Fixed incorrect recommended client version in the About box
    • Updated copyright years to 2011–2013
    • Fixed bug that could prevent the avatar viewing feature in the user database list from working
    • Understood and added support for connection_filetransfer_bytes_sent_total and connection_filetransfer_bytes_received_total
    • Added editing features for the server template that is used to create new servers (note that the date of creation is actually the time the instance was started plus a little delay)
    • Added failed file transfer percentage
    • YaTQA now logs the user out before logging in another user (Swap User feature), because logging in the same users without logging out first will not reset the currently selected server
    • Added support for custominfo, customfind (dropdown menu, as all DB features now) and tokens with custominfo
    • The channel selector for creating a channel token is now disabled after a refresh when the previously selected channel is missing
    • This is the final release, as I have no ideas left. There will still be bugfixes and feature additions if there are nice suggestions, as well as adjustments to new TS3 server versions. I want to thank everyone who provided feedback.
  7. YaTQA

    • Entities in log entries are now unescaped.
    • Added option for improved XP Unicode display
    • Changed description text for temporary passwords (server versions released in October no longer require a server password to use the default channel feature of temporary passwords)
    • Fixed spelling bug in the version fail message in the German version
    • Added info to the German description of the main component in the installer saying that the language is actually informal German