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Разные A.C.R.E.

Advanced Combat Radio Environment

  1. Gho$t

    Current Version:
    Latest Release Date: 10.23.2012
    Current TS3 Support:

    * Five ACRE-Specific Radios

    . AN/PRC-117F man pack radio
    . AN/PRC-119 man pack radio
    . AN/PRC-148 handheld radio
    . AN/PRC-152 handheld radio
    . AN/PRC-343 personal role radio

    * Vehicles now contain rack mounts and already included radios!
    . AN/VRC-103 (AN/PRC-117F Vehicle Rack)
    . AN/VRC-111 (AN/PRC-148 Vehicle Rack)
    . AN/VRC-110 (AN/PRC-152 Vehicle Rack)

    * Rack mounts contain loud speakers that allow anyone within hearing distance to listen to radio conversations!
    * 100% ACE2 Compatible

    . Integration with all ACE2 man pack radios, using default AN/PRC-119 statistics.

    * ACRE now implements ACRE interaction keys utilizing the CBA framework. Most player should be familiar with these from their prominence in ACE2.
    * PRC-343 now replaces the default ArmA2 'ItemRadio'
    * Realistic GUI interfaces for radios, they are the real thing
    * Directional speaking for non-radio, normal communications

    . Real-time 3d positional information

    * Realistic terrain affects for radios
    . Signal lose & distortion from buildings, hills, trees, and other objects
    . Realistic power output and antenna length considerations for all radios that effect signal
    . Realistic frequency wavelength falloff; higher frequencies do not travel as far
    . Real-time positional calculation for fast-moving objects

    * Separate Push-To-Talk key (non-toggle) for using your radio
    . If a person speaks on their radio and you aren't on that frequency, you can hear them 'directly'

    * Multiple hotkeys and quick-displays for fast information about your radios
    * Players can carry multiple radios on different frequencies

    . Hot-swap radio hotkey
    . Current radios selection menu
    . Pop-up display on broadcast to know current radio in use

    * Radios are now considered unique objects within the ArmA2 world
    . Radios are droppable and maintain ALL settings for anyone who picks them up
    . Program a radio and trade it with a player!
    . Pick up your dead enemies radio and discover his platoon's frequency

    * Man pack Radios have the ability to use 'PA' mode in a vehicle, broadcast at 40,000mW!
    * Custom Squawk sounds for all radio transmissions (credits to Krause)
    * Realistic distortion effects

    . Normal broadcasting distortion
    . Signal lose distortion and noise

    * 100% BattlEye compatible
    * Performance and desync considerations

    . All time critical radio information is communicated via TeamSpeak3, server desync doesn't break ACRE
    . Crash/Desync fallback functionality. Sound "anomalies" are no longer possible with lag/desync.
    . Optimized distance, terrain, positional and signal calculations
    . Use of JayArmA2Lib for Named pipes communication; 0-latency inter-process communication between TS3-ArmA2
    . Server side garbage collection of radios to prevent object clutter/long mission lag
    . Many fixes for ts3/arma2 crashes, server/mission disconnects

    * Global 15 second reset for any of these scenarios
    * Dead player and respawn handling for both radio and direct chat