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Разные pyTSon 1.1.0

Плагин-обертка для написания плагинов на Python

  1. pyTSon 1.1.0 for TS3 3.1 (27.01.2017) (API21)

    Caution: The directory structure changed, see the upgrade tips at the end!

    • the ts3 module got renamed to ts3lib (to not clash with packages on pypi)
    • users can now download plugins from online repositories within the app
    • plugin developers can maintain their own repository (recommended) or merge directly into the "pyTSon master" (more infos on repositories can be found here: https://github.com/pathmann/pyTSon_repository/blob/master/README.md)
    • new plugin method "menuCreated" which is called, if the menuItems were set up
    • you can now decide to load menus from disabled plugins on startup, so you don't have to restart pyTSon when activating a plugin with menus
    • added github octicons iconpack
    • added icons to pyTSon's menuitems
    • the documentation was heavily updated, check the pdf in the docs directory or https://pytson.4qt.de
    • plugins are no longer restricted to consist of only one file, instead every plugin should be a python package in pyTSon/scripts (if your plugin is one file: create a directory, move your script into it and rename it to init.py); repositories can contain zipfiles which will be extracted in the app on installation (if you don't use the pypi-dependency feature of the repository and you want to deliver dependencies in your package, use relative imports instead of adding your local include directory to sys.path)
    • pip is now used for dependency handling
    • added an interpreter (no interactive mode)
    • Plugin infrastructure overhauled:
      • the python standard library is now located in pyTSon/lib/python3.5
      • pyTSon/include can be seen as a local sitepack dir
      • plugins are now python packages in pyTSon/scripts (each plugin in a subdirectory)
      • interpreter python(.exe) added in pyTSon/ (won't run from other directory!)
    • added a simple api to query the TeamSpeak 3 client's settings database with ts3client.Config
    • added api to work with IconPacks with ts3client.IconPack
    • setupUi (and others) will now load icons from an iconpack if widgets contain a dynamic string property called 'pytsonicon' containing the variable to the icon in the iconpack, instead you can use a string like "octicons:filename.png" which sets filename.png from the bundled octicons pack as icon
    • config moved to subdirectory ~/.ts3client/pyTSon; if plugins use configfiles, they should also use this directory (you can use python.getConfigPath("myconfigname.conf"), which will join the pathes accordingly)
    • added convenience functions getConfigPath and getPluginPath (in module pytson) which work like os.path.join with the specific ts3 path prefixed before
    • users can now remove plugins within the ui of the app
    • if a new version (of the python standard library) is installed, the old one will be removed automatically
    • as a result of the above, it is not longer supported to have multiple releases installed (for multiple architectures)
    • the example scripts are no longer contained in the install package but can be pulled from the "pyTSon master" repository
    • pytsonui.getValues is dropped, plugin developers need to create their own dialog classes
    • it's no longer supported to run two architecture versions of pyTSon simultaneously (on Linux and Windows, if your plugins are installed to your home/appdata directory
    And many other minor changes.

    Upgrade tips (adapt the pathes depending on your platform):
    • backup everything in ~/.ts3client/plugins/pyTSon/scripts (except ts3plugin.py)
    • backup your config files, at last pyTSon's config in ~/.ts3client/pyTSon.conf
    • wipe everything in ~/.ts3client/plugins/pyTSon
    • install release 1.1.0
    • copy the config file(s) to ~/.ts3client/pyTSon (mkdir first or start the client once and close again)
    • create a directory for each of your scripts under ~/.ts3client/plugins/pyTSon/scripts, move each script in their subdirectory and rename them to init.py or do other pythonic package management
  2. pyTSon 1.0.5 for TS3 3.1 (apiVersion 21)

    • removed onUserLoggingMessageEvent, onFileTransferStatusEvent (they are called from another thread, so this will help stabilizing pyTSon)
    • requestAutoload is now required for all plugins to be loaded
    • added a ts3help module which inculdes a help(obj) function, which displays help information on obj, especially if obj is a ts3 function
    • you can now check in your ts3 client, if there is a newer release on my github release page
    • pytsonui.setupUi can now handle all childwidgets (instead of passing a list of tuples), check the docstring for more information
    • pytsonui functions are now in pyTSon's documentation
    • reworked configdialog (switched to a grid layout)
    • added an ipcplugin to communicate with other applications
    • ScriptingConsole:
      • tabcompletion works now with other splitting characters than just spaces
      • you can now specify a startup script
      • the buttons in settingsdialog should now be colorized correctly
    And many other minor changes.
  3. pyTSon 1.0.4 for TS3 3.1 (apiVersion 21)

    • added some example plugins (see the scripts directory)
    • empty infoData will be ignored from now on, you should set infoTitle to None, if your script does not show any infoData
    • all python plugin code is now wrapped in try-except-blocks (exceptions in clientlog)
    • added pytsonui.getValues as convenience function to add simple configdialogs (recommended way is still to create dialogclasses)
    • hotkeys and menuitems are now reloaded, if the python plugin or all python plugins are reloaded
    • plugins are now reloaded, even if they offer a menuitem and/or hotkey
    • quintptr is now registered as metatype (eg. for use with internalIDs in QAbstractItemModels)
    • QAbstractItemModel/QModelIndex can now contain QObject-based objects as internalPointer (classic Qt type is void*)
    • bundle contains docs as pdf now
  4. pyTSon 1.0.3 for TS3 3.1 (apiVersion 21)