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TeamSpeak 3 SDK Сервер

Software Development Kit

  1. root
    TeamSpeak 3 - Software Development Kit Changelog
    Copyright TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
    + Added feature or noticable improvement
    - Bug fix or something removed
    * Changed or Information
    ! Important - Take note!

    === SDK Release 3.0.3 27 Feb 2015
    ! callbacks in the client are now asynchronous
    + Added Opus voice codec
    + added SecuritySalt/SecurityHash mechanism. Note this makes 3.0.3 and 3.0.2 clients/servers incompatible.
    + Server can disable selected client commands
    + Added callbacks for lots of server function to enable custom permissions
    + Added custom password checks.
    + added new CHANNEL_DELETE_DELAY param for server side channel creation
    + Added filetransfer support
    + Mobile SDKs (Android, iOS) are now included in the TeamSpeak SDK package
    + Android: Added x86 support
    + iOS: Added armv7s and arm64 to device and x86_64 to simulator
    + iOS: Changed std lib from libstdc++ to libc++
    * Updated example projects to Visual Studio 2013

    === SDK Release 3.0.2 15 May 2012
    + Added function calls for communication with a provisioning server, which is only available in special scenarios on request
    - onUpdateClientEvent callback now passes an invoker block for the cases where a client was updated by somebody else than himself
    - numerous bug fixes and performance improvements

    === SDK Release 3.0.1 14 Sep 2011
    + Update Client Example to include recording of playback data to *.wav file.
    - Fix bug that led to the channelSpeakerArray in audio callbacks to contain the wrong value
    - Fix bug that could lead to client crashes in channels with a latency_factor of 2 or higher

    === SDK Release 3.0.0 05 Aug 2011
    ! New sound system added. The fmod libraries needed previously are no longer required to be deployed. Instead the client side now requires a "soundbackends" folder with a few platform dependent sound backends.
    ! The ts3client_initClientLib function now requires an additional parameter: A path where to find the "soundbackends" folder.
    ! The 3.0.0 SDK server requires 3.0.0 SDK clients, and vice versa. You should not mix older (-betaX) builds with 3.0.0 or higher builds.
    * Most sound related function calls have changed, since the "modeID" now a string instead of an integer
    * Voice data packet encryption is now configurable to save CPU on huge servers, see the "VIRTUALSERVER_CODEC_ENCRYPTION_MODE" setting to set it.
    * Reduced CPU usage on the server side, especially for large servers
    * requestChannel(Un)subscribe now takes an array of {client,channel}IDs instead of only one ID.
    + Added callbacks that allow you to view and change sound data as it passes through the playback and capture chain. This allows great flexibility: Recording Audio at various stages, applying sound effects or filters are just some of the new possibilities.
    + Echo cancellation added
    + Added "CustomDevice" functions that allow you to implement capture and playback your own way, you will need to feed in audio (capture) and retrieve audio (playback) regularly. See new custom device example for details.
    + Added ability to playback wave files-numerous bug fixes and performance improvements

    === SDK Release 3.0.0-beta6 02 Jul 2010
    - Fix bug in sdk server that had disabled the talk status callbacks
    - Fix bug that lead to some normal channel based chatting not reaching all clients in the channel

    === SDK Release 3.0.0-beta5 10 Jun 2010
    ! The beta5 sdk server requires beta5 sdk clients, and the beta5 sdk client requires a beta5 sdk server. You should not mix older sdk builds with beta5 builds.
    - Greatly improved the whispering code. It is now possible to whisper to clients that do not have you in view. Also note that you need to explicitly allow any incoming whispers, use the new allowWhispersFrom function (possibly from within the onIgnoredWhisperEvent callback)
    - onTalkStatusChangeEvent now has a isReceivedWhisper parameter telling you if this is a whisper message or regular non whisper communication.
    - Channel Codec now has an additional parameter, the codec latency factor. The default is 1, which results in the same behavior as pre beta5. Higher values lead to less voice packets sent per second meaning higher delay but less bandwidth usage.
    - server side onTextMessageEvent callback split into two callbacks, one for messages to the server, one for messages to a channel
    - numerous bug fixes and performance improvements

    !skipped beta4

    === SDK Release 3.0.0-beta3 27 Jan 2010
    ! The beta3 sdk server requires beta3 sdk clients, you cannot connect to a new beta3 sdk server with an older sdk client.
    ! Switched channelIDs, logIDs, serverIDs, serverConnectionHandlerIDs, banIDs, offlineMessageIDs from anyID to uint64
    * changed parameters of onTextMessageEvent
    + added new onServerProtocolEvent callback that triggers uppon connect telling you which protocol version the server is running
    - numerous bug fixes and performance improvements

    === SDK Release 3.0.0-beta2 20 Dec 2009
    * CLIENT_OUTPUT_MUTED will now mute both speakers and microphone, if really want to mute the headphones only, use the new CLIENT_OUTPUTONLY_MUTED flag

    === SDK Release 3.0.0-beta1 19 Dec 2009
    * Initial beta release

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