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Разные A.C.R.E 2

Advanced Combat Radio Environment

  1. Gho$t

    Gho$t Знаток Премиум Пользователь

    Пользователь Gho$t разместил новый ресурс:

    A.C.R.E 2 - Advanced Combat Radio Environment

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  2. Gho$t

    Gho$t Знаток Премиум Пользователь

    - [New] Zeus support - you can now use direct speech and the radios of unit you are remotely controlling.
    - [New] ACE Interaction menu - You can now interact with your radios through ACEs self-interaction menu.
    - [Improved] Significant code changes throughout - optimizations made throughout using newer script commands and faster methods.
    - [New] New radio signal model - Uses an extension that realistically calculates multipathing, including phase coherence.
    - [New] Radio interfaces and icons overhauled with new models provided by Hatchet and implemented by JP
    - [New] Keyboard keys for channel up/down keybind on the current active radio. Note this only works for handheld radios and has the same limitations as using the channel knob for that radio.
    - [Fixed] Radio displays now render properly on all aspect ratios (21:9, 5:4 etc).
    - [Improved] Direct speech occlusion - This is the system that makes buildings and objects affect the volume other players are heard at.
    - [Improved] AI reveal now takes in account player current speaking volume
    - [Improved] Vehicle Attenuation (volume at which you hear someone whilst you are inside a vehicle when and they are outside) overhaul no longer uses the insideSoundCoef value but is now based off AttenuationEffectType. It is now dependent on the turret the person is in. This should work well for most things by default. It is customizable and full configuration details - http://gitlab.idi-systems.com/idi-systems/acre2-public/wikis/vehicle-attenuation
    - [Improved] Direct speech volume slider - Now has only 5 states and the default volume has a smaller distance. The visuals of the slider have been improved thanks to dslyecxi.
    - [Fixed] Vehicle intercom works in more cases
    - [New] API function (acre_api_fnc_ignoreAntennaDirection) - This can be used to make the signal simulation model ignore antenna direction -> [true] call acre_api_fnc_ignoreAntennaDirection;
    - [Improved] Difficulty module now has an option to force the simulation model ignore antenna direction.
    - [Fixed] Full duplex mode - Note this needs to be activated via the API or the difficulty settings module.
    - [Fixed] Name channels module - previously was bugged in some cases.
    - [Fixed] Basic Mission Setup module - Fixed the babel setting (Per Side w/ Common)
    - [Fixed] API functions: acre_api_fnc_getMultiPushToTalkAssignment now works in all cases.
    - [Improved] Headless client support. Unnecessary code is no longer run on headless clients and this also fixes rpt spam on headless clients.
    - [Improved] Unmute clients on teamspeak when acre is not connected (on channel switch). This setting can be toggled in the teamspeak plugin settings.
    - [Fixed] Inventory management right clicking on radios can no longer cause issues.
    - [Fixed] HandleMultipleTranmissions zero divisor script error.
    - [Fixed] IDC collision issues from radio dialogs and vanilla dialogs fixed.
    - [Fixed] Warning message for missing antenna texture when opening the mission editor.
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