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Official News Новости TeamSpeak

Тема в разделе "Болталка", создана пользователем RSSbot, 25 фев 2016.

  1. RSSbot

    RSSbot Знаток

    TeamSpeak 3 client version 3.0.19 is now available for testing in the beta channel.

    This update includes updated versions of included libraries, as well as the lua runtime. We've also fixed several issues related to images, among other bugs.

    Full changelog below:
    === Client Release 3.0.19 xx Mar 2016
    + Added pre- and postinstall conditions to Updater to allow running custom
    commands before or after an update. Will be used to install the new
    Visual Studio 2015 C++ runtime for next release.
    + Added Spanish translation
    * OS X client now uses Apple Transport Security instead of OpenSSL
    * Updated Lua runtime in Lua plugin
    * New features window now has an expire timeout to prevent opening outdated
    news when doing a fresh install.
    - Fixed possible crash on Linux 64-bit when receiving invalid network packages
    - Fixed banners send with "Cache-Control" HTTP resonse header
    - Fixed slow loading banners being shown after disconnecting from server
    - Fixed possible freeze when loading lots of channel images
    - Updated included libpng
    - Updated included openssl
    - Fixed master volume slider not updating properly when using multiple playback
    - Prevent displaying local images in bbCode IMG tags
    - Don't collect channelid:// URLs in Url catcher
    - Fixed freeze with many images in channel description
    - Fixed ban presets showing invalid preset items
    - Fixed avatar display when uploading a new avatar with different dimensions
    - Fixed external links in About / License
    - Fixed possible Qt crash when downloading from Http sources
    - Removed server IP display in server and client connection info dialogs
    - Removed setup wizard, replaced with a simple dialog to let users enter a
    default nickname. To be expanded in a future release.
    - Fixes to hotkey events in plugin SDK
    If you are not yet on the beta channel, you can easily do so by going to Options / Applications and switch the Update Channel dropdown box to "Beta". To opt-out of Beta again, switch it back to "Stable".

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